Sunday, June 5, 2016

Zone Conference, The Work moving on, and Meeting with Micheal, Derick and John Agrrey

Hello Family and Friends! How are you all doing this week? I hope that all is going well for you and that you are enjoying SUMMER! Party! Okay so as for this week it was a pretty nice week.

Monday/Tuesday- Of course Monday was P- Day and Tuesday we just did our Supplies (We had no district Meeting again due to Zone Conference) and that was nice.

Okay Wednesday was Zone Conference for the Cape Coast Zone!!! :) It really was so good. Our Zone Leaders talked about Putting on The Whole Armor of God and that was really nice. Then The Assistants talked to us about Goals, Why do we have goals, and the point of Goals and how to make SMART-ER goals (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Reward, Time Based, Evaluate, and Revise) and their instruction was really nice. Then we had some nice rice and chicken for lunch :) After lunch President Stevenson talked to us about Key Indicators, that they are not about the number but about helping how to help people progress so that was nice. Then we talked about the Weekly Planning Session! Yay! Weekly Planning can be really boring at times, but President Stevenson helped us understand the importance of it and it was really good! After Zone Conference Elder Johnson and I helped Jesse load the Truck with Supplies and it was nice :)
Thursday was Weekly Planning! It literally was 3 hours and I got distracted a couple of times, but it really was effective and I can see how effective planning really makes a difference in our goals and I think it's going to be a good week this week :) After Weekly Planning we saw Francis and we talked about the B.O.M and it was really good lesson. We are working on Brother Yanka to be a good fellowshipper for him, so hopefully that works out. Then we had our Coordination meeting and that was nice.

So this is the fried rice I get every time we go to Mame Patricia's Rice Stand at night. It is SO SO good, but definitely not healthy. The black stuff on top of it is called Shit-o (Litererally that's what they call it) but it's actually really Good! It's spicy and hot and I always ask mame patricia to add plenty of it on my rice and she does and it is so good!

Friday was another day of supplies! But first we went to go to Green Hill to do a baptismal interview for a woman named Cecilia, and I really enjoyed  the interview. Then we had supplies, so it was nice! PEC didn't happen that night and our appointments that we planned didn't work out, but that's okay.

Saturday was a nice day. Elder Johnson and I saw Francis and we went over part of Lesson 2, and it was really nice and he is doing really well! Then we saw Michael and his brother Derick (Edward Moses referral he came with us with Brother Sagoe) and we had a nice first lesson with them. We also met with Comfort Appieye, and it was nice to talk to her and her son and we are trying to help them. Elder Johnson and I finally then saw John Aggrey (A less-active young man) and we tried committing him to church but he actually didn't come.

Sunday came around and it actually was our “Invite a friend” to Sacrament Meeting Sunday! Christiana brought her younger sister named Cecilia who just recently moved into Nkanfoa, and it was really nice, so hopefully we can see her and help her learn and grow. Elder Johnson and I also talked To John Aggreay and tried to help him understand continuing on and enduring to the end, and it was a nice lesson! He reminds me a bit of me, like when sometimes it was really hard to go to church because I felt like it would be better to stay at home, but I told him that  it doesn’t make you happy. It didn’t make me happy. But When I relied upon the Savior and really started applying the gospel into my life, that's when church really started to make sense, and I tried helping him understand and relate to him.

Well that is all for this week! I hope that you are all enjoying and are having lots of fun adventures! Love you all!
Elder Harward

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