Sunday, June 12, 2016

Elder Johnson's Birthday, His Foot, and Going Exchanges with Elder Jager and Elder Reyes

I I just have to say how grateful I am for Ghana. The back part of our apartment looks so green and there are these huge trees which makes me really appreciate how much our Heavenly Father loves and how wonderful it is to be living here at this time.

Tuesday was Elder Johnson's Birthday!!! He turned 19 years old, so I  told him I was going to baptize him, and he wasn't too thrilled about it, and he told me he would get me back if I did it; but I still did it haha! Elder Reyes and I had this plan that I would buy everyone biscuits and give it out to our District and then Elder Reyes would give each of us Pure Water to help us "Wash Down the Biscuits." But the whole District was in on it so we planned on NOT drinking the water but just talking and then waiting for the code sentence "Sister Danga what is your favorite color?" (Said by Elder Reyes) And we would just spray him with the water! So I was trying to be discrete about it, especially when buying the biscuits and it worked well. Later we had District Meeting and I instructed on How do I Study Effectively and Prepare People to Teach for PMG Chapter 2 and I talked a little bit about Joseph Smith and his experience before the First Vision, with him pondering the  Scriptures, and having that real intent to know the answer. I really enjoyed it, and the contributions from the District were really nice, and I learned some new things to apply as a missionary. So after the instruction we followed through with our plan and we got him wet! It was SO great! Elder  Johnson had a feeling this would come so he brought his silly string and sprayed some of it on me, but I guess it was out so I had this nice blue spot on my shirt, and he used his water to get me wet, so that was nice, but I think he had a really good birthday! After District Meeting we did our Supplies and we took some photos (For Elder Johnson's Birthday) on our loop run on the way to the mission home, and it was a good day.
 Wednesday we saw Francis. Francis actually repairs shoes and is a security guard at night, so he is a pretty busy guy! But we usually teach him at his shoe stand in Nkanfoa and I was talking to him and he does some really great work to fix shoes! I was impressed. I actually showed him a pair of my shoes in which part of the tread on the bottom has fallen off. Since I walk on my side half of both of shoes on this pair the tread is competely off but the other half is okay, so I asked him if he could fix it and he said yes! I was hoping to make my shoes last my whole mission and that's plan still. He is doing really well (I will get a picture with him soon) and we just finished Lesson 2 about Where we will go after we die.
The next day we talked a little bit about Faith and Repentance (Lesson 3) and he understood it well. As he would say it "Sweet Sweet" we combined this lesson with the woman next to him (She told us her sister was a member and she has come before but just hasn't been taught. She is a bit older so we need a translator to teach her) and it was pretty nice, but hopefully we can see Gifty (The woman) by herself next time. Then I started my exchange that evening with Elder Jager! He is Elder Griffin's TC and is from Oregon! he is a great guy, and after Coordination MEeting we saw John Agrrety in our ward and talked to him about his baptismal coventatn and it was a sweet lesson, and I enjoyed the exchange.

Friday and Saturday were slow, due to supplies on Friday and Elder Johnson's Foot is not looking to well, it actually keeps getting worse so we are going to the hospital today it check that out (It's especially bad by his toe next to the big One) so hopefully he can get better so he can walk. (Keep him in your prayers please :) )

Sunday came around and it was really nice! Francis came to church again and the meeting was good. I planned on an exchange with Elder Reyes before Elder Johnson's foot problem but we were able to still go on our exchange and Elder Johnson rested in the office with the other elders. But we had a great time, we saw a good handful of Members and talked to them and we even saw James Aypiey (who is one of our members ex husband) and we talked to him about Repentance (He is pretty less active) and tried to encourage him to take any steps of repentance that he needs to in his life and follow Jesus Christ, it was a nice exchange!

This next week I hit my one year mark on Sunday! I think I am going to make popcorn to celebrate :)

Haha anyways I love you all and pray for you. Have a great rest of the week!
Elder Harward
(P.S. if you could pray for Francis/Elder Johnson  that would be much appreciated :) ) 

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