Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sorry for the delay, but I'm still here

Hello Family and Friends,
How are you doing? I hope that you are enjoying the spring weather. Everything is going okay in Asebu.
We had a hard week with no one at church and no one having a baptism date, but that's okay--this week should be better because we are going to continue to work hard. 
As for the good stuff I went on two exchanges this week: One with Elder Neville in Abakrampa and we celebrated a member’s birthday; then on Saturday Elder Momoh came with me to Asebu where we got fed by Salamatu (the Muslims) so it was great!  OH and I said goodbye to the Zone members leaving last Tuesday (including Elder Maumau) and now I just saw the new guys today.We also had a Mission Tour with Elder Stanfill of the African West Area Presidency on Wednesday.
As far as transfer news, I am staying! Wooo, so I have this transfer and 1 more, but who’s counting?
Have I told you about our Muslims?- We have this SWEET Muslim family and they don’t speak English and they feed us ALL the time, and it's HUGE not kidding at the HUGE part. It really touched me that Ghanaians truly are so friendly and kind even to complete strangers from a different religion (back home I’m not sure if we would do that to someone whom we didn't know, but the fact they did was pretty awesome) They are sweet! I am actually called Maghid and Elder Williams is Sedu (Our Muslim names) haha, and they  always say Maghid is here, you know so it's great. Truly sweet women!
Edward- Is good during the lessons that we teach him but.... has stopped coming to church :( Super frustration and heartbreaking. We really do not know what is going on (So we are going to try and figure that out) and he just needs a lot of prayers so that everything will be okay. We are just holding the whole "Baptism" thing out of the picture until we can help him. He used to be SO good, so I am just confused, but hopefully we can help him.
Samuel Otu- He did come to church for the first time the previous week ago. It was good, but he still doesn't feel that he has answer to know if the church is true or not, again I am frustrated and just hoping that he will get an answer; sometimes he listens to other missionaries who come to him, so to be honest he just needs to have Real Intent when he prays because I don't think he is willing to act. If God says this is the true church, then he would have to Leave Methodist Church and get baptized again with the proper authority, and I think he is just not willing to act. Hopefully he will get that answer but he needs a lot of prayers too.
President Amos's Family- SWEET family. To be honest more of the branch is Under a Year old (Most of them not all) and the recent converts are less active so it's hard at  times, but we have been really trying to focus on the members and strengthening them, specifically President Amos's Family. The wife is still selling alcohol, but we don't judge her, we jut are trying to show her love. We have been working really hard with Belinda, Christ, and Shelia (All of President Amos's Children who are less active as well) and this week was nice. I sat down with Shelia and we just talked about normal stuff this past Sunday and I didn't bring up "Oh why didn't you come to church". Instead I just listened and tried to show love, and I learned so much more about her and her sweet daughter Madjoa (Boyfriend is not in the picture, one-time thing I guess) and at the end of what we were discussing I said, "You know Shelia you are a good person" She responded emotionally; it was SO sweet. She really likes us there, and Elder Williams and I are trying to develop that relationship to be even stronger. I have learned Less Actives don't need a one-time moment of, "Why weren't you there at church" but rather just taking the time to know them, love, and then when the time is right, then share a gospel message that will bless their lives and help them.
We had Asebu Conference this weekended it was nice, the Stake Choir came to sing for us so it was really sweet. 
 As for me I am too hot, like as I am writing you I am sweating a lot. I don't know, but today is just hot, but that's normal haha.
On Thursday our apartment got Fumigated so we were in Abura Dunkwa and got to spend the night there, so that was nice. On Friday I was on an Exchange with Elder Neville and he is a great guy. He is from Idaho, and he will go home this year September. He is a really good trumpet player by the way so that's cool. I learned some really great things from him. On Sunday we taught the youth/Primary since no teacher came and we had no investigators come to church. God has a body that was all I tried to teach them and that He is our Heavenly Father.  After Church we got fed twice, once with Rice then FuFu (But my companion hates fuFu) so I just ate the FuFu alone so it was nice haha.
Anyways that's all I love you all Bre Bre (A lot)
Elder Harward