Sunday, December 11, 2016

Love is Never a Waste of Time and TRANSFERS!

Hello Family and Friends! This week was AWESOME!!! :) Truly it was.

Monday we ran into the Supply Elders and guess what? You know Sylvester from Nkanofa the one Elder Hodson and I dropped? Well he is baptized and he has the Aaronic Priesthood and is helping the missionaries!! I guess it wasn't our time to help him. He was a GREAT guy! But when we were teaching with him we just couldn't get him to church and we just felt blocked, but I showed him to Elder Johnson and now he is a member. Our "Love truly wasn't a waste of time" Some people just need time to figure things out and Elder Simpson and Elder Johnson helped him with that so that was cool! 

Tuesday- we found out where our less active member (Sister Hilda) stays! we found her on her street and she took us to her place and we were able to talk to her about Prayer. One member told us, “Oh she is a less active”, but we have to treat our less active members like a new investigator (Lots of love, NO judging, and help them understand our purpose to help), so it was a really nice lesson with her. Then we saw Sister Patience (Brother Ninson's older daughter) and she accepted a Baptism Date!!!! :) SO excited, I never thought I would see the day that she accepted that, but the husband and her are splitting up (Not my preferred option because of the children, but this way she can be happy) and she is ready to  get baptized!!! WOOO!!! SO happy; it's hard to describe, but truly ALL of the months we spent trying to help other really in the end has helped, because "Love truly is never a waste of time." Then we saw Brother Ninson and went with him through the Baptism Interview questions and everything went well!!!

Later in the week Elder Yao and I headed to Ankaful to baptism interview for Sister Johnny and Sister Nyangoma and it went really well. Her name was Abigail and I guess there was some of the sister missionaries who went home, called her and told her to start meeting with Sister Johnny and Sister Nyganmoa, and she did and it was this time that she was ready. After the interview we saw Brother Ninson and talked to him about the Temple and The Priesthood. He asked us "The church is good, so why do so many people fall away" I didn't have an adequate answer for him, but the church really is good and I was SO happy that he realized that. We also got a referral of a woman named Naomi who is usually at this school, so we were going to see her (We talked to her a few days before) but she looked at us as if she REALLY did not want to meet with us, so we decided maybe next time we will try to see her. But "Love truly is never a waste of time" so if it means just saying hello or a simple handshake, people's hearts will eventually be touched. Even if we won't see the fruits of our efforts. We went to the Baptism for Sister Nyangoma and and Sister Johnny and it was great!!! Really great to see both of these woman getting baptized! Then we went back and gave Brother Ninson the "game plan" for Saturday and made sure that everything was okay.

Saturday was Brother Ninson's Baptism!!! SO great, we went 1 hour so that way they could be prepared for the Baptism at 4:00 P.M. Sister Millicent on the way gave us PPP handkerchiefs so that was cool. She even put it on my head, but we didn't wear it too long so that way we don't get into trouble with Politics, but I did keep it because it is cool :) Okay so Brother Ninson and his whole family came (Sister Patience included) and The Elmina Zone Leaders came to combine with us because they don't have any clothes, so we had 3 people baptized on Saturday! The cool part was one of the Guys being baptized (from Elmina Ward) knew Brother Ninson very well! His name was Kobina Adjei and I guessed they BOTH used to go to the same church but know they have both stopped and got baptized on the SAME DAY! For me it touched me that the Lord does know us and he knows what we need, and what can help us follow him. "Love truly is never a waste of time " (We got fed FuFu 3 times from Sister Vida and her family so we were pretty full Saturday evening)

Sunday was really great. Sister Vida and Brother Ninson came to church early for the confirmation and it went so well. (I just bought some ties for Brother Ninson so he could look really nice because he doesn't have a tie). Sister Vida was in tears during the baptism and at the confirmation so it was really cool to see how this family’s life has been changed. Sister Patience came (Like I said doing REALLY well) and Mary Eshoun came so that was nice. We are determined to help Mary Eshoun because she is the only member of her family who is not part of the church, but every visit we try to help and one day she will get there :) After church we saw Chief Amako and he has some strange questions (Almost 2 years in the church) about women needing to cover their head (1st Corinthians 11) and we explained to him later on the chapter Paul says that we don't do this in church and the women's hair is given her for a covering so she doesn't need to, I am not saying this in good terms but look at it from 12-16 and it makes sense, but he was still being a bit stubborn about it, but we are trying to help him because "Love truly is never a waste of time". We want to help him receive the Melchizedek Priesthood so hopefully we can help him. Then we went to see Brother Ninson and they fed us FuFu this time with PALM NUT SOUP!!!!  :) SO good, much better than a chop bar. Patience's children were funny because they were trying to sell their flip flops for 2000 and 5000 (20 pesweas and 50 pesweas) a lot of people use the old currency so sometimes they will say 1 million but they mean 100 Ghana. So I find that interesting. (Did I explain this before? I can't remember). 

Anyways it was really nice to meet with them. There is this dance for the couples of the Church for the Cape Coast Stake, and they are going to have lots of fun I guess for Best Dress Couple, Funniest Couple etc. But the price is 70 ghana. (More than a lot of people can afford) so that's sad but Brother Ampiah told us he is going to pay for Sister Vida and Brother Ninson!!! SO neat! We haven't told them yet, we are waiting for him to tell them, but they would be the Funniest Couple for sure! SO sweet, so I am so excited that they will get to go because Mame was telling me that they won't go because of the money but I know she will enjoy it :) Brother Ampiah is really great and his "Love truly is never a waste of time". Oh we have this small girl we are working with named Eunice and her grandparents, so hopefully we can get permission for the Granddaughter (She keeps telling us she wants to be baptized) and then hopefully the grandfather will move back and then they will be baptized. They have been taught before and like the church, it's just his work situation that makes him stay in Kumasi, so hopefully he can move down here he told us by next year, so hopefully he can do that, but we will keep working "

By now you know my thought for you guys today is just to remember, "Love truly is never a waste of time" We can do SO much good by just the small things that we do, and eventually we will touch people's lives. I loved Grandma's letter because she and her friends comforted one of their friends that was crying, telling her it's going to be okay, even they didn't know the situation. what a GREAT example of LOVE! Very simple, and yet probably made this one sister feel really loved and cared for, so I challenge you all just to do the small things, even if you may not see the result we have a lot of people who need to feel that love, so I am going to try to be better and just show all the love I can, even if people don't like me or don't accept our message, one day all things will work out and everyone will come to the knowledge of the truth of the Gospel. What I am truy grateful for is the Savior's love (And for him completely) and because his "Love truly is never a waste of time" I get to help my fellow brothers and Sisters feel that love, so let's all do some good, not just for thanksgiving, or Christmas, but when we FEEL really prompted that we need to help someone, "let's us reach down to the hands that hang hopelessly down" (PMG Chapter 6 Hope, Neal A. Maxwell I believe) WE can do it, I have seen it in multiple ways, the one's that become good, and those that may not like us, but as we do I can promise that we will becoming who our savior wants us to become. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH, I hope you can feel that, and I appreciate all the support you have given me. I wish I can tell you how much all of your letters and support mean to me, but just know that your love is helping me become better, and help others feel that love. Have a great week okay? :)
Lots of Love,
Elder Harward

Lately I have not been drinking enough water so I got sick (Throwing up and Terrible headache) (I did get a priesthood blessing and it was truly inspired and from the Lord) and the doctor at DIS said, “Drink more water”, haha so I have been better at that. That night my companion got the call that he is going to train a new missionary! He is excited and I am too, so he went to the mission home on Friday and had his meeting and I chilled with the Zone Leaders until he got back and that was nice. Saturday I got  the call that I am leaving for Asebu!!!! it's in Yamoransa so I will still email in Cape Coast which is nice. It's a branch and they just got a good building and electricity, so that's nice! They should be getting water soon too! I will be in the Yamoransa Zone (No sisters all elders) and still a district leader so that will be cool. My companion is from Ghana named Elder Oforikuma and I will see him tomorrow (Tomorrow is our transfers) Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference and it was really nice, and I learned some really great things about the Savior and about Repentance.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hello Family and Friends! How are you all doing? I hope that all is going well for you and that you had a nice Thanksgiving. We did not have any fun plans for Thanksgiving so it was just the same stuff haha, but maybe we will eat some Fufu or something.
This past week was a really nice week for Elder Yao!
Tuesday- We had our MLC report and we learned some new things from President Stevenson and our other leaders. Specifically no more beach activities (No surprise there). There is just too many problems with us going to the beach so now we aren't allowed to go until next year (that is if we are good) so that was interesting, but I know that this is for our good, so I know it will help us. After that Elder Yao and I helped Sister Millicent (She came back from Upper West!) carry some water back to her place and it was hard, but really good. I am not that strong. Then we sat down with Ruth and conitnuted talking to her, but it we weren't able to go to far with her.

Wednesday- Elder Yao turned 25 years old! :) WOOO Party! So I sang to him Happy Birthday (The one Dad always sings to us like a thousand times), and then I got him wet with some water (tradition), and we popped some Sparkling Cider so that was fun.. (I was hoping I made it nice for him since there weren't many others to celebrate with).

On Thursday we saw Samuel D.'s Older Brother named Daniel (He's a bit stubborn) but we were able to talk to him small, and committed him for the 27th for Church so hopefully we can help him with that. We then saw Brother Ninson and we talked about Tithing and it was really good. He is doing so well. We are SO excited for his baptism! :)
Friday Elder Yao and I got to go on Exchanges with our Zone Leaders! Super fun. Except we had to travel to their apartment and that is a bit hard because we are so far away, but I picked up Elder Edwards (You can see his picture on the Blog from our Zone Conference) and we went back to Ntranoa and we had a good time. I learned some really good things from him, and it was really nice!

On Saturday Elder Yao and I came back together and we were able to see brother Ninson again. We got FuFu with Palm Nut Soup from Sister Vida and it was so nice. I was really happy. Anytime they are pounding FuFu and we are there they ALWAYS feed us, which us, but I feel like I am going get Fat from the FufFu but that's okay. I wish you guys could try this Palm Nut Soup because it's to Die for. SO good, and much better than a chop bar, because the soup is fresh and it doesn't taste just like oil. You will all have to try it sometime. :) We talked some more commandments with Brother Ninson and he understood everything.

Sunday was the Africa West Broadcast Live from Salt Lake City for 72 stakes and I believe 45 Districts in the Africa West. Sister Vida and Patience were able to come and that was nice. Even though the messages were in English I just loved the Faith of the people here in Ghana, because there is a lot of the older generation that don't understand English, so they are just sitting there, but I know that the spirit touched their hearts and they will be blessed for their Efforts. Elder Dube of the Seventy talked about the Bride Price and how we should stop practicing it, and his talk was very interesting, How we need to let go of the "Natural Man" and stay in the Box (The lines of the Gospel) (This was from his story so I am not saying this as well as he did, but it was great, if you can find it online somewhere I would suggest you to listen to it because his talk was nice). After the Conference Elder Yao and I went to Koful to see some young women for the first time and that was nice. Funny Story as we were walking out of Koful there was this graduation going on for Soap Makers or something, and they were pulling fabric off for like 1 cedi or so, and this guy saw us, and said "Obruni give us 1 cedi" I told him Ay aweso mo (That's a problem) my favorite phrase here. and we told him we don't carry money with us on Sunday so  that was that. One of our Members graduated from the soap thing (Sister Sophia) so  that was cool. Then we Saw Brother Ninson and he explained to us why he didn't come to church because he was ready but his wife wasn't  and they were running late so he said I won't go, so we helped both him and his wife, to go on time, and if you are running late still go, because the lord will bless you. We talked about the Prophet and it was really good. His baptism is this Saturday! We are excited, so if you could pray for him that would be great!!!

That's all for this week. I love you all and I hope you have a great week! :)

Elder Harward

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Zone Activity at Kankoom National Park and Baptisms

Hello Family and Friends! How are you all doing? I hope that everything is well with you. This past week was a pretty good week for us, still working with some of our investigators like Brother Ninson. Unfortunately he hasn't been coming to church so if you could pray for him that would be really great. 
So on Monday we had a Zone Activity at Kankoom National Park! It's on the way to Praso, so it was cool to go out that way for the first time. Kankoom is pretty popular so we saw some tourists there, but it was really cool to go on the Canopy Walk and to see the HUGE TREES!  I just loved it. Some of the Sisters were really scared on the rope bridges, but they all safety made it. I really had a good time, and I took some photos so I hope you enjoy them :)

Tuesday we had normal District Meeting and I talked about Using the Scriptures Effectively, how we can use them  to the best of our ability.  I apologize in advance because the rest of the week was pretty slow: we saw Brother Ninson and have been trying to help him out. We are also still seeing if Mary Mensah needs to be Re-baptized and are still working with Mary Eshoun, it is just seeing her that's been a problem. 

On Saturday I had the privilege  of interviewing a Family for the Abura Sisters and that was really great, and we got to go to Incontrado. We had a miracle while we were there. Finding people is really hard here, because there isn't such a thing as addresses, so you have to go off of main places like "Near The Community Center" which is kind of hard, especially when we were trying to find a young women named Hannah (She is a really sweet young woman in our Branch, who is very active but the rest of the family has fallen a less active). But she told us she lives near the Community Center so we decided to try and find her (She doesn't have a phone either which made it really hard to see her) so went and we were trying to find her, but we weren't having any success. 

So I  said "She told us she lives around the Community Center so let's ask around there" So we went there and we talked to a small young women and Guess what? She took us to Hannah's Place! It was exciting, and it turns out that she is Hannah's Cousin and we talked to her and we invited her to come visit us at Church, and she came! It was neat for me to see that when we don't give up the Lord really will help us if we are trying to do what's right. Sister Hannah then gave us a referral of a young man named Joseph who we were able to sit down with for the first time and it was really nice. So that was pretty cool! 

That night we received Transfer News! Elder Gasolo is getting transferred to Kissi (Elmina Zone) to be with Elder Blay! (He was our Assistant but is now getting released his last 2 transfers so, he is going to be a great companion for Elder Gasolo) and Elder Yao and I are staying in Ntranoa! YAY! I am happy, because I really am excited for the work here in Ntranoa, so I know that it's going to be a good transfer. This is my 4th Transfer here, so I might get transferred in December, but we shall see. 
On Sunday our companionship went to Abura and I did the last interview for the Family. The Husband) who actually did not pass (first person I couldn't pass for Baptism) which was really heartbreaking for me, because he was a sweet guy; it's just that he participated in an abortion unknowingly when he was younger and his friend asked him to help her cook some herbs and then she told him later that she lost the baby, so he didn't really know that he was helping her have an abortion, he was just trying to help her out, but I was trying to call President Stevenson to talk to him so we could get the "OK" for him to get baptized on Sunday but unfortunately he was out of town, and the phone wasn't going through so the family got baptized, and his baptism will be later, but he totally understood and told the Sisters "It's better that I do the right thing then to get baptized wrongly". So his baptism will be great when it comes up. After that Elder Gasolo was saying his last goodbyes to the people here in Ntranoa, and they were sad to hear that he is going. Well that is all for this week! I hope that everything is going well for you all. I am thinking about you, and am keeping you all in my prayers, have a great week! :)
Elder Harward


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Emergency Transfer... Goodbye Elder Nsenga, Hello to Companions #10 and #11

Hello Family and Friends! What a week it has been! I hope that you are all doing well and that you are having fun adventures. 
As you can tell this week was interesting for sure. So with an Emergency Transfer there are 2 possibilities for why it happens. #1 is because President Stevenson received some new missionaries unexpectedly and he needs to place them in the right spot, causing an unexpected transfer or #2 (Most Common) is because a Companionship is not working at all, and they need to be split up right away. In my case it was #2, (not with me and Elder Nsenga but a different Companionship), but I will get there in a minute. Word of the Week/Phrase is: Uso (brother) In Samoan. And Wu Mayi (Why May) is How are you in Samoan.
So as for this week it was interesting for sure.
Tuesday was the first District Meeting for the new Abura Sisters and that was nice. After District Meeting I bought Sister Wah and Sister Awor their first FuFu, which they did not like , but I got to help  finish Sister Awor's FuFu so that was nice. After lunch it rained hard, so all of our appointments fell through so that was sad. :(
Wednesday was also pretty slow, but Elder Nsenga and I were able to See Paula and her new baby and just say hi, that was nice. We also saw Benjamin (Our Less Active) and he helped us find out Ebenezer's Place (Another Small Less Active) whose mother just passed away. We said condolences to the family and saw Ebenezer coming to his house as we were leaving, so it was good to see him. We also found out why Benjamin doesn't come to church, and that is because of his mother, so hopefully we can help him with that.

Thursday was a pretty nice day. Elder Nsenga and I went to remind Sister Vida to go to the church so she can do her temple recommend interview (which she did, and President Thompson told us she could talk ha-ha, but that's good, and everything went well). I also got to do a Baptismal Interview for the Abura Sisters (1-B Sisters Anthony and Sister Wah in Ankaful Mental Hospital where President Nelson stays),  for a young woman named Joyce and that was a really nice interview; she did very well. Oh Elder Nsenga and I were able to sit with Brother Ninson after the Interview (Scheduling a time for our next lesson) and he admitted to us of a woman he had in the past that helped him with the farm about 3-4 years ago, but since then he hasn't been with her and never married her, and his desire to change was so apparent, it was really great that he was that open with us.

So Friday came around and here was where the week became really interesting. After Companionship Study Elder Nsenga and I wanted to call President Stevenson about Brother Ninson, and see if everything was okay for him to be baptized. So we went outside to our staircase on the huge building (The only place to make a really good phone call) and I called him. We talked about Brother Ninson and he gave us the okay to continue, since he didn't practice polygamy but just committed adultery, so we just have to make sure that he has repented of his sin, and that he is living the Law of Chasity and then he can be baptized!!  Elder Nsenga and I were so excited to hear that information. 
Then President Stevenson said, "Okay well if that's all from you, I would like to talk to you for a second since we are on the phone." I was surprised and said okay, (usually President Stevenson doesn't do these kind of talks so I didn't know what to expect) and he then explained that there was going to be an Emergency Transfer (The Assistants were going to call us, but since I was the phone President Stevenson just talked about it then) and President Stevenson explained the Situation. He said that Elder Nsenga is going to Elmina to be with Elder Frimpong, and I am going to receive Elder Gasolo and Elder Yao. I was surprised to hear that for sure. He said (For the sake of privacy I won't mention the name) that the companionship that was splitting up had some issues, and the main person that was causing the problems in the companionship (from the sounds of it) was coming to be my companion and that the third person in our companionship was just there for support, in case anything goes wrong. President Stevenson told us that the transfer was happening mostly like tomorrow in the morning and that Elder Nsenga should be ready by then. 
When I got off the phone I told Elder Nsenga the news, and we were both pretty shocked. Elder Nsenga was going to be my longest companion but I guess the Lord has other plans for us. We sat at our main table not saying anything for a few minutes just in shock, and then we decided we should head into Ntranoa early so he could say some goodbyes. We went in but we weren't able to see a lot of people, just very small people and we came back to our apartment a little bit early so Elder Nsenga could pack, and then we could head to the Abura Sisters Baptism. We eventually headed to the Baptism for the Abura Sisters and it was great. Elder Nsenga actually got to perform the Baptism for Joyce, and he then said goodbye to the missionaries in the zone, and he finished his packing when we got home.
Elder Nsenga and I saying goodbye.

Saturday Morning- Around 9:00 A.M. The Assistants came and dropped off my first companion Elder Gasolo (Elder Yao was traveling from Tarkwa so he wouldn't be here for a couple of hours) and picked up Elder Nsenga and we took our last picture together. :( I will miss my kintoomboola. But after they left Elder Gasolo and I talked small and then Elder Yao arrived and we helped him with his back and we took our first picture together! Another 3-Some in this area ha-ha! Fun Fact these two are my 4th and 5th Companions in this area. :) That's also including Elder Park. So anyways we went out together the 3 of us, and we just saw some members and explained the area to them the best I could small small. 
We stopped by Sister Vida's Place in the evening and we told her what happened. She was sad, but she looked SO happy from the temple (Mary her small daughter went as well, and she just was at the grounds of the temple) she actually came up to me and hugged me.(I was very nervous because that hasn't happened in a little while) But she was just so great, and it really touched my heart at the blessings the temple can bring us. :) Later at the apartment in the evening I talked to my new companion (the one that had the problem in his last companionship) and I just told him, "I don't know what exactly happened (President Stevenson only explained small about the situation) in your last companionship, and I don't need to know. The past is in the past, and nobody should be defined by their past." I then explained that I was here for him, and that I am hoping and praying for our companionship to work.  He seemed pretty happy, and it has been going well so far.
Sunday was a pretty good day for our threesome. It rained on us as we were walking to church so we were pretty wet coming inside but Francis Baidoo blessed the Sacrament (the Water) and that was great. Isaac Peintsil and even Mary Eshoun came to church (First time for Mary coming to church since I have been in Ntranoa), so it was really sweet. President Thompson asked me to go up to the front to explain what happened, and I did without, mentioning the problem, just saying it was short notice and that Elder Nsenga was needed elsewhere. Then my new companions bore their testimonies and that was great! After Church we had no P.E.C. and so we went out to see some people and we got feed twice, once in Koful and then the second time at Sister Vida's Place so that was nice. Elder Yao and Elder Gasolo also met some more of the members, so that was great. So that is all for this week...

But today is Monday and we had a Zone Activity at Han's Cottage!! There we got to see the Crocodiles and guess what? I got to touch one, and pick up its tail! SUPER SWEET!!! I was so nervous, but it was really fun, and I am glad that we got to have a great time with the zone. The guy brought the Crocodiles up where we were with some meat and I was very nervous, that they would come up and bite us, but everything went well. :) I wore my Angelina from the Time of Elder Montgomery and me, so it was pretty sweet!!

I have a strong testimony (More than ever) about the Lord knowing us, because he truly does. I am not sure why my companionship was split up and I have to go through this hard change, but I know that every companion helps me grow, and every challenge helps me become who my Heavenly Father wants me to become, and that's just the same way for YOU. We may not understand fully at the moment why we are put in situations or trials come upon us, but just as the Lord told Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail, That "All these things shall be for thy good, and if shalt endure it well, I shall exalt thee on High" (I hope I quoted that right, that was all from my head ha-ha)  But it's SO true-- all of the hard and challenging moments will be looked back upon as some of the greatest moments in our life, and so I am excited that it's not easy or perfect right now, because I know I need to grow and Heavenly Father will help me become who I am meant to be. Trust in the Lord, because He knows you perfectly and wants you to become what He KNOWS you are destined to be, and that's sometimes through our hard times and challenges. :) Anyways have a great week! I love you all so much!! I am continuing to pray and hope the best for you. :) Oh and Enjoy General Conference this week end I am sure it will be wonderful! Love you all!
Elder Harward

P.S. if you could keep our companionship, Brother Ninson, and Isaac in your prayers I would really appreciate it. :)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Only Pictures (Sorry) Cape Coast Zone before Transfers and me eating FuFu with Palm Nut Soup :)

The highlights for the week were Sister Florence and Ninson have a Baptism date for October 22d, ISaac Pentil is back and he has a date for October 8 along with a child of record, and I said  goodbye last Tuesday to all those leaving the zone. 

We are trying to work with the members more and are trying to do our best to seek referrals. That's about it haha for the highlights; sorry that this week wasn't a good email, but I loved the pictures, and everything, I am so grateful for everything that you do. I don't think I need anything haha. Tell mom and everyone I say hi, and that I love them, and sorry for my not responding, I hope that everything is well, and that you have a great week okay? :)
Elder Harward
P.S. Tell Katie that her email was wonderful. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Matching African Shirts, Zone Activity with District Shirts, Zone Conference, Francis's Baptism and Transfer News

Hello Family and Friends! What a couple of weeks it has been! I hope that everyone is doing well. I apologize for last week. I was writing my email, but the computer stopped working and we had to go out, so I am sorry for that. But the past week was pretty good, seeing our recent converts as well has preparing for Isaac and Francis’ Baptism.

So as for this week it was a pretty good week. My companion and I picked up our African Shirts a couple of weeks ago, and they are pretty great! Elder Nsenga's is a Button Up on and mine is an open collar shirt, and they are pretty cool! On a sad note Isaac Pentil did not get baptized; in fact, we haven't seen in him, in almost 2 weeks. :( He was going to renew his health insurance card in Cape Coast and was supposed to be back on Monday, but hasn't returned. President Thompson told us he thinks it's because of the fact that he can do what he wants, and has no curfew, but at President Thompson's place he has to live by the rules haha. Hopefully he comes back so he can learn and grow. I really thought he was accepting the message well, but we shall see if he comes back, and what will happen.

Okay so this last Monday we had a Zone Activity at the Abura Chapel and our Abura District wore our District T-Shirts! We looked pretty great in them :) I am a little biased but we truly are the best District in the G.C.C.M. :) We took some photos and we had a really great time at the activity. I even made sure to take a picture of the Abura 8 Sisters because they are really great sister missionaries.

Tuesday was kind of a slower day. NO district meeting due to Zone Conference on Thursday, but Elder Nsenga and I saw a former investigator named Eunice who sells Kenke and we just sat down and had a good discussion. She is very sweet, but I think her problem is not coming to church haha, but hopefully we can help her out. I was joking with my companion that tonight is the night that trainer's get called and that he was going to get called for the 3rd time haha. He also was joking with me, because there is an Elder Howard coming in the mission. Well we didn't get the call but two of the Sisters did in our District, so that was great!! Super happy for them! Even one of my former companions (Elder Hodson) is also training, so I am excited for him.

Wednesday was a pretty good day. We saw Regina and we talked with her about Lesson 3, and she had a concern about the Holy Ghost, so we are going to follow up on that, but she is doing well. Elder Nsenga and I went to Abura to do a Baptism Interview for the Abura Sisters for a small girl named Filomina (She is 9) and it was really great! Then we saw Francis Baidoo and we reviewed the Baptism Interview Questions and collected the Baptism Information, everything went well!!! :)

Thursday was Zone Conference at Ola Chapel!! And I ABSOLUTELY loved it! We talked about Establishing Zion and what it takes from Past experiences in the scriptures to have Zion. President Stevenson put all the qualities on the Blog so you can check them out, as well as our Zone Picture, where I participated in a Role Play and the Musical Number so that was fun. :) I really loved Burning our Weapons of War, promising to be better, and do what we need to do to be better missionaries. Truly a spiritual highlight for me, that I want to remember forever. We even got a paper reminding us of burying our weapons of war. It was a great zone conference :) After Zone conference our appointments fell through so that was about it for Thursday.

Friday was a bit of a slower day, but Francis got interviewed for Baptism and Passed!!! Elder Nsenga and I are going to Abura to witness their baptism for 3 people, so that was really sweet!

Saturday came around and Elder Nsenga and I did our Weekly Planning today (Due to Zone Conference) and it was nice. We then had Francis’ baptism with 2 children of record (1 child didn't come so she will get baptized later) and it was really sweet!! The spirit was so strong there, and the Sisters from Abura came to support us!!! In the rush of things we weren't able to take any photos :( but I will try to get another picture with Francis this next week. After Francis’ baptism we saw Sister Vida and Patience and finished Lesson 2 again for Sister Vida, and Patience asked good questions. Sister Vida told us that Brother Ninson was coming to church tomorrow, so that was exciting to hear. Then we found out Transfer News later that night.... Which I am Staying, with Elder Nsenga!!!! Party! Transfer #3  together so he will be my longest companion (close to Elder Hodson but he will pass him by two weeks) but we are excited! With that said 3 of the sisters are going on transfer, so we will receive two new Sister missionaries and Sister Johnny to be with Sister Ruskin, so our sisters are going to 6 now, so that will be interesting instead of 8. Oh and we are getting a new zone leader, one of my T.C.'s is coming, (Elder Edwards) so that'll be great.

Finally Sunday came around and Church was great. A miracle happened: Brother Ninson actually came to Church!! YES!! Major improvement. He seemed to really enjoy the teachings and the service, so no we are hoping to help him progress to a baptism date. (I will get a picture with him soon) Also Brother Francis was confirmed, and it was another spiritual moment for me, hearing the blessing from Brother Ampiah. After Church we had P.E.C. and that was nice, and then we saw Brother Otu and talked about Lesson 3. He is doing well, preparing for his daughter's weeding soon, so we will just take it small small and see what happens. After Otu, our other lessons fell through, but we did get some FuFu with Light Soup from Sister Sophia which was really nice. Sundays are hard because we can't go home after church for lunch (the distance is too far) so we just stay out and proselyte so we don't waste time. Sometimes I will buy a biscuit on Saturday and save it for Sunday so I can eat it after Church to keep me going
But that is all for this week!!! I hope that everything is going well for you all. My companion and I are excited for this next transfer, and I hope we can help all the people that we come in contact with feel the Savior's love. I love you all, and continue to pray for you. Have a great week!
Elder Harward

P.S. Here is a joke from a return missionary that I just loved. "What did the baby corn ask the mama corn? ..... "Where's POPcorn

Love you all!