Friday, June 17, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Elder Reyes, The Work Continuing, Rainy Season is Back, and One Year on Mission!!

Rainy Season is back and it came hard this week. It rained almost every day this week, and it's quite fun:  one moment it will just be a sprinkle and the next moment it will just start to pour, and you have to book it for shelter.

On Monday we had a FHE with Bishop and his family and we talked about 1st Nephi Chapter 8 with the Tree of Life. Every time in a verse when it described something, we had Bishop and his family draw it on a big piece of paper, and it was a lot of fun. We also talked about the Temple being a goal in their lives. Baptism is just the gate but our goal as missionaries is to help people endure to the end and to feel of our Savior's love, and we can really feel of that love in the Temple. It was a nice lesson!

Tuesday was our MLC report with the Zone. It was really good. The Zone Leaders talked about Qualifications for Baptism and what that should be like. The Zone Leaders said that the Assistants talked about District Leader Training, so I don't know what that's going to be like, but I am going on an exchange with them next week so we shall see. The big thing we talked about was from the Sister Training Leaders from President Stevenson and the rules between Elders and Sisters. Basically talking about the do's and don’t’s between each other. It was a good reminder because we need to avoid all appearance of evil. Elder Johnson and I are going out earlier on our supply days to proselyte and then take the hours to do office work at night; that way we can see more people, and because of that we saw Helina and it was really nice!

Wednesday Elder Reyes went on Emergency Transfer to replace Elder Adams, and Elder Adams is now in the office and will be the new Financial Secretary, so I said goodbye to him.
 But after that we saw Francis and I got my shoes back and they look really nice, and it's pretty sweet! We also finished Lesson 3 with him and gave him a baptismal date for July 2nd! It was really great! He is a really great guy, and he is progressing really well. 

Then Elder Johnson and I saw Micheal and Derick and we went through Lesson 1 and it was really nice. They understood it pretty well, and Bro. Sagoe helps us in case they don't understand our English, but they are doing well. We saw Mary, Regina, and Mercy (Who all live by Sister Theresa) and it was a nice lesson. We also saw John Aggrey and we reviewed 2nd Nephi 31 with Him and read that chapter with him.
 We actually got soaked Thursday night coming home and we just had to run to the truck so that was fun! We actually took an apartment picture of us soaked!

On Saturday we were able to see A-Boss and read with him from the Book of Mormon in 2nd Nephi and afterwards he actually gave us a referral! Then we saw Helina and talked with her about the sacrament and what that means, and she said she would come to church, but she didn't but we will keep trying. We think she needs a little more encouragement and support and then she will come back. Then we met with John and read a different chapter with him and at the end of the night we stopped by Albert and just talked about his needs and concerns. This night we got some pizza from one of the guards that went to Accra, and it was really nice.
 Sunday was my one year mark!!! Party! Haha just kidding, but we went to church and we had ALL of our investigator show up that we taught and that was a really neat miracle that happened this week. All of them were able to partake of the sacrament and feel of our Savior's love, and I am really excited to see how they learn and grow. We also had President and Sister Stevenson come to our ward. One of their daughters is here for a small time to visit, so they came to our ward. The rain spoiled our plans for the rest of the night but we did manage to get a lesson in with John before the rain got bad again. Then I made popcorn to celebrate my one year mark Party!!!

Image result for popcorn
 Well that's all for this week! I hope that you are all doing well that you are enjoying life, I think and pray for you all.

Just a quick thought that I had on Sunday. I can't believe that it has been 1 year since I came to Ghana, and I love being a missionary, and I hope it doesn't go by too fast; this truly is the Lord's work. We can all be a part of the Lord's work, and sometimes (Even I back home) think that it's just too hard, but really the missionaries who are the most powerful... just follow the spirit. They may not know all the lessons, or might not know what to say with a scripture or anything, but as we follow the spirit, we can really know what to say at the right time at the right place to really help them. As we learn of Jesus Christ, we will gain more love for Him and then we will have more desire to serve Him, and that's something I am even trying to improve on as a missionary. Continue to apply the atonement in your live EVERY DAY because repenting then becomes a blessing, not a burden because it allows us to be better representatives of Jesus Christ.

I hope that I can say at the end of my mission I gave everything to the Lord, and that I did everything I can to do His will and to follow Him. I love being here, and I hope it doesn't go by too fast because I know I will miss this one day.

I love you all. :) Have a great week!
Elder Harward

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