Thursday, June 30, 2016

Goodbye Nkanfoa, Hello Ntranoa, Quad Companionship, and Prisoners Pounding the FuFu

Hello Family and Friends! How are you all doing this week? I hope that you are all doing well!
This week was pretty great, and now I am here in Ntranoa and it is pretty great. The Ntranoa area consists of Assianmo (where we stay about 20 minutes’ walk into Ntranoa), Koful, Quarters (I think because of the prisons nearby), Abee, and Simeo. I have only been to Assianmo, Quarters, Ntranoa and Koful, but Elder Kiiza has never been to Abee or Simeo, so we might explore the less actives there or we shall see what we have time for.
Monday was my last P-Day in Nkanfoa and we had a Zone Activity at the mission home. There we played some games, had some food. It was great.

Tuesday was my last Supply Day and I got a package from my family and Uncle Ed's Letter, so that was nice! After Supplies I said my last goodbyes to Quartsons, Bishop, and his family, and Sister Theresa and her family. I love them all so much!!!! Oh and I was packing... Super Fun ha-ha!
Wednesday morning- Finished last minute packing and said goodbye to Elder Adams and then Elder Johnson dropped me off at Pedu Station and then I met my 3 companions when they came: Elder Kiiza, Elder Park, and Elder Nsenga (I'll talk about them next time), but then we got in a taxi and we headed to Ntranoa. 
We are in between Abura and Elmina, so it's a bit of a smaller place but I love it! And there is this HUGE tree that we walk by every day which is so great!!! I got my first tour of the place and I was able to go out Friday and Sunday as well. Thursday and Saturday I was with Elder Park with his toe, but I will explain more about that later.
Sorry this email is really lame this week, but Ntranoa is great, and the pictures of our apartment is nice (We are in the small place, not in the big place--that's our landlord’s.) I will write a better next week!

Love you all have a great week okay!!!!
Elder Harward


The Second Part is of Millcent and her baby and they are great and of Vida, Mary, and Ninson (The three of them) We also have this cool taxi that's small and we found a cricket outside our apartment, oh and Sister Sophia thought my name was Hayward so we went ot the monument in Koful for this football player that died here in Ghana and the father build a school in remembrance of him. Anyways Ntranoa is inbetween Abura and Elmina so it's a smaller place but I love it here so far!!! :) Oh the picture of the person I was standing with Earlier is Elder Kiiza by the way, and we have this HUGE tree on the way to our apartment and I love that Tree, it makes me happy!

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