Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Working Continuing on, Transfer News, and Last Full week here in Nkanfoa.

Suffer the Children
 Hello Family and Friends! How are you all doing this week? I hope that you are all enjoying life, and that you are having lots of fun adventures! This past week has definitely been interesting, and kind of a roller coaster for me.

Monday of course was P- Day. :)
On Tuesday we had District Meeting and Sister Newton instructed us on our purpose as missionaries and then we did our supplies (We have a jam song to Ye Elders of Israel that's on this CD in the Tro that we take in to Cape Coast, so it's always fun to blast that song)

Wednesday we saw Francis and we talked with him about The Word of Wisdom.Then we saw John and we read with him from 1st Nephi and he is doing well at reading on his own! We read chapter 5 and 6 and it was really nice to see him. Then we saw Michael by himself and tried talking to him, and it was pretty good. He is doing well, but his English is not as well as we thought, so we it was harder to help him understand our message on the Book of Mormon. His brother Derick knows English better so we assumed he did too, but we will for sure bring a translator with us for sure next time. That night on Wednesday it rained really REALLY hard. Elder Johnson and I got soaked because the other elders wanted us to get rice for them, and we did at Mame Patricia's rice stand, and then ran to the Tro and we are just soaked from the whole thing, but it was really great!


Thursday was a bit of a slower day but Elder Johnson and I did go and see Mary and Regina and talked a little bit about baptism.
Friday we got some work done on our Central Region orders that we had to do. Our supply room looks a little different and it's pretty nice because we have extra shelves put in so we can grab the bleach, dish soap, and hand soap pretty easily now, and it's great! Elder Johnson had some great ideas, and it really has helped out supplies a lot. That night we went to Green Hill were I did 2 interviews for the Green Hill 2 Sisters and it was really nice: One was a 14 year old young woman named Velina and and the other was a 20 year old man named Isaac Menash and it was really nice to hear about their experience in the church so far. After that Elder Johnson ad I got the 10 fried rice down in Cape Coast (We can only get it when we go into Cape Coast at night and that's pretty rare and it's expensive for rice, so this was the 2nd time I've done it) but it was really nice, and the guy was a pro at doing 10 orders at once.

Saturday we weren't able to see anyone because the members went to do a Temple Trip in Accra, so we couldn't have anyone come with us to translate so that was sad. However Elder Johnson and I did go to the Green Hill Sisters Baptism that evening. The Bishop did the baptisms (Since his daughter was also getting baptized) .After that we went to our transfer party and I found out my transfer news! So... I am getting Transferred! I am going to a place called Ntranoa. It's a Branch! And that makes me really excited because I have only served in wards so far. But we had some crazy stuff happen with this new transfer. Nkanfoa and Green Hill are going to Yamoransa Zone and so Yamoransa zone spilt (Being so big). So now we have a new zone called Mankessim Zone. Ntranoa used to be in the Elmina zone but President Stevenson is moving it to Cape Coast. So I am staying in the Same Zone, and I will be with the Abura Sisters in our district, so that's cool! I also am in a 4-some. Yeah a quad companionship. So I have 3 companions. This being because Elder Park had some pretty bad ingrown toe nail and they removed it but they messed up the part in between his big toe and the other toe so he had had a slower recover back to full time. So one person will be with him at at the apartment and help him if he needs to go to DIS to get rebandaged and all that fun stuff. The other two will go out and proselyte. So we will take turns with that (I'm assuming). So my new companions are Elder Park, Elder Kiiza, and Elder Nsenga (Elder Nsenga is my TC) so it's going to be really interesting, but I am excited because I get to be full time again! 

Sunday was my last time in Nkanfoa, and I gave my departing testimony. It was hard, because I started saying goodbye, and I don't like to say goodbyes. You know the rest. After lunch Elder Johnson and I went around to see some members to say goodbye and wish the best for them. My love for the people here in Nkanofa has grown so much and I learned a lot from being here.

I am really going to miss them.
 I love all of the people here but I know that the work moves on and that the Lord has people prepared in Ntranoa, and that Elder Johnson and Elder Simpson will do great things here. I am really going to miss Elder Johnson by the way. Really cool guy, and a good friend to me. He helped me improve and grow, and I really appreciate all the help he has given me. The more I have gotten to know him the more I am impressed by his dedication and service. I told him he has to come to Salt Lake to say hi, and he says he will, so that's cool. But a really great missionary, and a good friend so I know he is going to do great things.



Anyways that's all the news for this week. I love you all so much. I hope that you are all having lots of fun adventures, and that you all had a nice Father's Day. Have a great week!
Elder Harward

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