Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hello Family and Friends! What a week it has been! I hope that everything is well for you guys at home! I thought about what Ghana would be like with snow but I don't think the people would like it. They get cold and really it's still hot so that would be interesting if it happened huh? Sorry for not writing the last week, but hopefully this email will be good!
For this week it was a pretty interesting week! On Camille's and Sam's Wedding (The 14th) we received the news that my companion was going, so he got to say goodbye's to some people on Sunday up to Tuesday. Then on Wednesday I received... Elder Williams! He is getting to one year on mission (In June) He is from England which is SO cool so I have been talking like a British man with him but I am not very good haha (I will send you a picture of him next week) He is a convert of 2 1/2 years (joined the church when he was 19) and is 21 years old now. He actually has a degree (A Bachelor's Degree I guess England Education you Graduate Faster or something) in guess what...  English Literature and Creative Writing (Dad would love him). He is a pretty sweet guy and we get along well.
So then on Thursday we went to farm for Auntie Alice and she made us FuFu like always but she is so funny because she called her soup in-purity soup so the other elders and I were joking about it later. She is just so old and the way she prepares her food is not the most sanitary but we still eat it, because it's bad to leave food in Ghana (Super Disrespectful) but if she goes into the woods somewhere we can just chuck some of it out, and she doesn't notice so that's cool ,but I try to finish mine and not throw it but it's hard not to. I usually have finished it (Even though it takes me a while) and I haven't died so that's great.

I should Elder Williams some of the members throughout the rest of the week and Edward came to church on Sunday and that was great! He is progressing well. (Keep him in your prayers please) but actually on Saturday we had a fun time. We went to Farm in Abura Dunkwa for the Abura Dunkwa's Investigator named Grace and we waled FOREVER to get to her farm (7 kilometers according to her from her house to the farm) so we walked and walked and walked and then we farmed the Corn and Weeded. Afterwards she feed us HUGE Bonku (Not kidding) like 1 filled me up but she is smarter than Auntie Alice so she just waited and watched us. I was able to finish the second  one but it was a struggle. But it was really sweet, and she is a great woman. Then After we headed out the farm I got to carry some of the corn on my head and it was so great!!! Super Hard, but sweet. I started with a big bag, then carried a medium bag on my head, then I just could only carry the small yellow bag. Carrying stuff on my head was SO hard but SO cool and great, by the time we got to her house I was SUPER tired, I wanted to just sleep but we took a picture and then headed back to ABK for a baptismal Interview I got to do for a boy named Isaac (I had no time to change so I just did it in my mofity) He will be baptized this next week due to water issues so that will be great! We were out from 7 to 7 that day so it was pretty tiring afterwards. Anyways that is all for this week. I love you all, and hope that you have a great week, and keep having fun adventures.

Elder Harward
P.S. Shout out to Camille and Sam for getting Married! I throughout about you guys the whole day. Families really can be together forever and I am so grateful for the Priesthood and the Temple that make it possible. Love you both!!!!! (Hopefully you guys got my letter as well, that I sent to you).

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy (late) New Year

Hello Family and Friends!
Afish ye a pa!! (Merry Christmas) and then you would say a fin come to me (May the next year bless you as well) and Happy New Year! Sorry for not writing last week but before that was great with Christmas and calling home. I even got Christmas Lights that sing and it was the bomb! We had a really nice week. I also got to go to Abura Dunkwa with Elder Taylor for an Exchange and that was really sweet.
Elder Mau Mau and I (friends from high school)

As for this past week it was really nice! My companion bought this red Christmas hat and it was pretty funny (I didn't get a picture of it) because he looked like a cow girl so it was funny haha. As for the week we have  been really trying to work with the members (Recent Converts and Less Actives) and that has been really great and I love to get to know them. I also got to go on exchange with Elder Peterson in ABK and see the work there and it  is great. They are doing great work there, and I am excited for them. Our District is all within Branches so that's cool so we have some work to do but it's exciting. 

And we are into 2017!!! Church was really nice, especially to partake of the sacrament was really great. My companion did some electrion stuff back home (Cool right?) so he fixed our Branch President's fan and he set up the Microphone for our stand which is great, and he will help our New Branch Clerk (Our Current one is less active) with his duties when President Amos calls a new one, so that's great. We had President Interviews on Saturday and it was nice to meet with Sister Stevenson and President Stevenson. They are SO great! I love my mission president and his wife, they are so cool, and inspiring. Any ways that is all for the week. Oh side not our Branch President's Family is less active (Crazy right) The Wife and 5 of the children don't come any more it's just one strong son, and two young boys and President Amos himself so we are trying to work with them, and help them. :) We have some work to do but with some work things will work out, so that's exciting! 

I hope that you all have a great new year into 2017 and "Remember Lots wife" and keep moving forward because "The savior doesn't care about where you have been, but where you ARE WILLING TO  GO." Sorry I can't remember the references. Have a great week and keep having fun adventures!
Elder Harward