Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hello Family and Friends! How are you all doing? :) I hope that you are all doing well and that you are enjoying the nice weather. So now we are both in summer which is nice, but now it is raining more so that's been fun to have some nice rain come down. And just a head's up in Ghana Elections come up for the new president this November, so that will be interesting. All the Ghanaians mostly don't like John Mahamma, so we shall see if this other guy will win. But that's not as cool as Missionary work :) So this week was a little bit slower but that's okay.

So Monday of course was our P-Day but Elder Johnson and I went to See Bishop Ewudzie and talk to him about trying Member Referral Forms so we could pass out to the ward, so we had a nice discussion.
Tuesday was a nice day. We had District Meeting and I decided to play a game with the district, and we had some fun. :) I just asked some questions about the Book of Mormon and Church History and then I gave everyone Biscuits yay! But I also tried to have some spiritual moments as well so hopefully they learned some new stuff. But then we had supplies, and that was it for the night.
Wednesday was a pretty slow but we saw Francis and he is doing well. We got to Joseph Smith and it was really good. :) He is progressing well. After that we weren't able to have any other lessons due to the rain and we also had to do Weekly Planning today because of Thursday.
Thursday was a nice day because I went to Takoradi and I got my non-citzen ID card renewed and it was fun. I got to see my TC's and have a nice lunch so it was cool :) And you all know Friday was Supplies so that was fun, but we have got a new pamphlet now so that's cool. :) It's called Teaching and learning in the Church it's really cool. WE are supposed to get a Temple Pamphlet soon so we shall see.
Saturday was a good day. Elder Johnson and I went to the Adult Session of Stake conference and then we met a less active woman named Grace Ayiey and she has a story but I want to get a picture with her and then I will explain next week. But she was really sweet, and we saw her daughter and we know of her son and they also are less active so hopefully we can help them.
Sunday was the Cape Coast Stake Conference, and it was sweet. Big news is that the cape coast stake split and now we are in the Yamoransa Stake! We and the Green Hill ward will be a part of the new stake so that's cool :) But it was really good. After stake conference we saw the Twins less active sister Helina and she is really sweet, and we are trying to help her. So hopefully we can.

So Elder Johnson and I are working with the less active s and the members to strengthen them and to seek for more referrals. :) But things are going well, and the work is moving small small :)
Anyways I lovey you all. I hope you all have a great week.
Elder Harward
Prayer List
1. Less Actives- So we can help them
2. Members- Find more of them and help them as well
3. Francis- so he can keep progressing hopefully for a baptismal date of June 11th

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