Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Elder Park Leaves and Continued Work in Three-some

Ntranoa is an interesting place. It is near three prisons and one or so mental hospitals, so I guess that is pretty cool. Last week Elder Kiiza and I went to the Ampiah Home (one of our members) and there were prisoners. They were dressed in dark blue outfits and were just ponding the FuFu for a party and the prison officer was in the corner on his phone just chilling. I was like WHAT? These are criminals just pounding some food, and the officer is just chilling. Elder Kiiza was telling me they have to be very good to be outside, so they won't hurt anyone. But I still am little on edge when they get near. I guess they get hired to work like that, but they have to be super well behaved.
Elder Nsenga and I, and some more shots of the Koful. I will have to take some pictures of Ntranoa and Amisano so you can see what they look like. I am sorry that there is not so many pictures this week. I will try to send some more next week. Love you. :)
Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday I was with Elder Park in the house being with him and going to DIS and getting his toe bandaged. We played some card  games and talked. He is from Orem Utah and went to Timpanogas High School where he was on Student Council his sophomore and Senior Year. He did Ballroom Dance, as well as Cross Country, and of course is stronger than me (No shocker there... Every person I have lived with is bigger than me expect for Elder Kiiza; he is the only exception ha-ha :)
Tuesday was our first time in the Abura District. So it's us and the Abura Sisters (7 of them) so it reminds me of Katie and Camille and I think of them when I see them.  
 Elder Nsenga and Elder Kiiza and I have been switching who stays home with Eder Park so that's nice. We got a referral of this young man named Dennis who lives by the chapel, so we started teaching. And our Progressing Investigator Priscilla is doing okay. We weren't able to teach her this week because she was busy, but she is really sweet. We also have an investigator named Sam who is a lecturer at UCC (University of Cape Coast) and he is a really interesting guy. 

Our apartment and our washing machine.
Sunday was a nice day because of Fast Sunday. I am getting better at remembering names now so that's nice! But Elder Nsenga is from Democratic Republic of Congo or as he says it DR. Congo (Doctor Congo) because it's an abbreviation of the full name, and he is 25 years old and he is a cool guy. Elder Kiiza is from Uganda and is 23 years old and has only been a member for 3 years!!!! Crazy! But he has a powerful conversion story and he actually did baptisms for the dead for his Father. His cousin is the only other member in his family. Having three companions is pretty cool! I gave all my companions nicknames. Elder Park is Bench (Because of Park Bench) Then Elder Kiiza is Pizza (Kiiza da Piiza ha-ha), and Elder Nsenga is Doc because he is from DR. Congo so it's been great so far to get to know them :)
 But life in Ntranoa is so great, and I love just how green it is, and it's so quiet so that's nice. I have named the big tree the Tree of Life because I am sure that must be what our Heavenly Father's Love feels like--so huge and incredible. I love being here, and I love being a missionary. Just a thought for today. I actually took this thought from Elder Stulce's Sticky note he had in his room. "The more we learn of the Savior, the more we will love the Savior, and the greater increase to serve Him will happen." I LOVE That. We just need to learn (Scripture study, and Church Attendance) and then we have that increase of love, and then we just serve out of love of our Savior because He did it ALL. I love learning about Him, and I hope to continue to learn more about Him, so I will love Him deeper, and serve Him with all of my heart.
Anyways I love you all. I hope you have a great week :)
Elder Harward
P.S. Here's a joke. What did the two walls say to each other? I'll meet you at the CORNER" Hahaha!

Update from This week:
 Sorry I only got an hour today because it's Wednesday and we tried to email on Monday but it was too busy and Tuesday the Internet was down, but today we got a chance to email, but we decided to only take an hour so we can go back and proselyte for a small time. This past week was nice. We had MLC on Wednesday and I got to go (being a District Leader) and I learned a lot. One thing I learned from President Stevenson was we get called and then we get released so eventually I will get released or do whatever the Lord's will is. I instructed on Tuesday on Companion ship Unity, how to use it, and how we want our companions to be our best friends even after mission. Wednesday Elder Park left for the U.S. His foot got too bad and now I am in a 3-some! It's still great and I sent you a picture. Please apologize to everyone for my lack of time this week, but next week should be better,
I love you so much, thank you for all that you do, including my birthday packages. It means so much to me: :) 
I'll talk to you next week okay?
Elder Harward

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