Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mission Tour and Greenhill Baptism

This week was our Mission Tour!!! (For Central Region) and we got to hear from the area seventy Elder Vinson who is the first Counselor in the presidency. We got to the chapel first and then we had lunch and said hi to everyone. Of course everyone is happy and talking to each other. Then after lunch the meeting starts. We heard from Elder Stulce, Sister Stevenson, Elder Warner, President Stevenson, Sister Vinson, and Elder Vinson. It was a really good meeting. I don't remember everything about the meeting, but it was really good. Elder Vinson talked about our potential and where we could go, and how we could ask for good referrals. It was a nice meeting. After that was the Membership Fireside for the Cape Coast Stake and that was really sweet. Elder and Sister Vinson talked about being the Lord's Hands from Dieter F. Uchtdorf and it was SO good. Even though it was a lot for the members I really took it for me too that I need to be the lord's hands and it was a good lesson for me to learn.

Also this week we saw Sylvester again and we just talked to him about how he is doing. He was a little bit drunk so it was a little bit shaky and so it wasn’t the best lesson but hopefully we can really help him; we then had Coordination Meeting that night so it was okay.

Friday was another Supply Day! WOOO, haha it's kind of exciting for packages and stuff. I actually sent my family package this day so hopefully it gets there :) But after Supplies we had PEC and it was good. Then after PEC we saw Christiana's friend Patricia and Christiana was with us. We talked to her small before that,  but tonight we saw her and we talked to her and it was nice.

Saturday was a nice! Elder Hodson and I went to see Edward. IT was really good. HE PRAYED!!!!! YES!! we were so happy. He says he knows it's true which is SO good. We talked with about Lesson 3 and it was good! We actually are pushing his baptism to May 7th so that we have a week to review everything. But he even came to church on Sunday so that was nice! I also had 4 ceddis of fufu for lunch which is a lot and not healthy at all, but it was really good. After that I did an interview of The Green Hill Sisters for a guy named Emmanuel and it was SO sweet. He is a great guy, and he invited us to come and we said of course we would come. It was a nice spiritual experience. But after that we didn't see anyone after that because everything else fell though.

Sunday was good. We had church and Edward and Charity (She was a surprise) came to church and it was good. WE then went to the baptism for the Greeen Hill Sisters Baptism and we got there and they wanted me to perform it. It was another humbling and great experience. Then we had lunch and then we saw Ben, and talked to him about Lesson 3: Baptism and Authority. But he still has some questions so we need to talk to him some more.

But that's all for this week! I love you all so much! I hope you all have a great week!! Have lots of fun adventures!
Elder Harward

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