Sunday, April 24, 2016

New Words and Fruit Carrying Experiment

Hello Family and Friends! How are you all doing? I hope that you are all doing well and that you are having lots of fun adventures! SO I apologize for not doing my word of the week thing but I have been learning some new words, so I hope that you will all try them out some time. Gedi- Faith Insunu- Repentance Esu Bow- Baptism Sum Sum Konkon- Gift Of The Holy Ghost, N Kwa O Yiewia Ye- Endure to the End and Finally Ewiye- Sun, Bosum- Moon, Nroraba- Stars (I will explain why I learned these words)

Okay so this week Elder Hodson was feeling much better and we were able to go out and see some people this week! :)

During the first half of the week Elder Hodson and I  saw Sylvester and we talked with him about the Temple and explained a little about it. He is doing okay, it's just getting him to come to church and keep his commitments that are a problem. Then we saw Phillip and his siblings and they are sweet (I included pictures of them and of Cecilia). 

Also there is this girl we know who always carries fruit on her head, so I asked her if I could carry it and she said yes and I tried it; but I had to hold onto it with my hands, and it's not very easy at all. Carrying stuff on your head is definitely a talent for sure. 

Okay after we saw Phillip we went to see our member Sister Teresa and she is so great! She is a single mom (I included pictures) of two sweet girls one named patience and the young one named Teresa and she is really great. She is a sweet member, and we met her sister who is deaf, and it was nice to sit down and talk with them. At the end of the night we saw Christiana and we talked to her about the Word of Wisdom and had a nice lesson with her.

Then one day we met this guy named Godfred  and he just stops us as we are walking and wants a book, so we give a Restoration Pamphlet and we start talking and we want to meet with him, so he shows us his house and it's in a new site, really nice. (So I guess he lives with his aunt because his mom died and he had nowhere to go, so she took him in when he was young). The house is really nice and even the dog they have is really an American Dog, it truly was SO BIG!!!! Anyways we met his sister and everyone and it was really sweet.

On Sunday I got to speak in Sacrament Meeting, but I speak too much Brofo, so I am sure some of the members didn't understand what I said, but they seemed to enjoy it. We saw Victor after Church and just answered his questions then had lunch rice and stew :) After that we saw Francis (Our less active who actually came to church YES! ) and just talked to him and it was sweet, Then we saw Agness and talked to her about Prayer and Studying the Scriptures and she is doing well, it's just getting her to church. Then we saw Albert passing by and talked to him small and encouraged him to remember what he was taught and what he has felt. It was nice. Then we saw the Quartsons and then we saw Edward and we finished Lesson 2. That's where I got the words because we have taught lesson 3 a lot lately and as we were teaching Edward, I wanted to know what sun moon and stars were and Anita (His Aunt/mother) helped me out and it was fun. I said Nroraba Na Kraaa (The Stars are not nice at all) haha. Then we saw Christina and we just talked to her small and it was a great lesson.

Anyways that was our week! IT was sweet. Our Prayer list. Edward: He is doing so well, and he wants to be baptized, he just hasn't prayed yet at all, and that's a problem so PLEASE keep him in your prayers so that he will pray and get baptized because he really wants to; in fact when we told him we might push it back, he wasn't too happy, so we told him that he just needs to find out for himself if it's true then everything else will be okay for his baptism on the30th. And for the Members- So we can have translators come with us. :) That is all. I love you and I hope that you all have a great week!
Elder Harward

Below: Pics from our apartment

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