Friday, May 13, 2016

President Interviews, My Bald Head, Edward's Baptism, Transfer News, and Mother's Day!!!

Hello Family and Friends! :) How are you all doing? I hope that everything is going well for all of you! I hope that you had a nice Mother's day last week, and were able to tell your mom's how much you love them. I hope the weather is nice over there and that you are enjoying the sunshine.

Okay so as for this week, wow... what a week! Lots of fun stuff happened:

Monday- Was P- Day of course, I worked out, so I can work off all the calories I ate from the Family Pack challenge, so that was nice, but I definitely am not in shape, so I need to improve.

Tuesday came and we did Supplies! :) Yay! District Meeting was canceled due to the Green Hill Sisters having their President Interviews, so we had a nice full day of supplies. Then we saw Cecilia and Phillip and listened to a chapter from the B.O.M. in Fante so she could understand, and that was really nice! We choose 2nd Nephi 31, and it was a nice lesson. Then we saw Edward, and we went over the Baptismal Interview Questions and it was so great! It really has been neat to see how much he has progressed and it was a neat lesson, and I could just feel that he was ready to be baptized. Okay so funny story time.... I decided to get a haircut before mother's day, so I could look good. We were in Cape Coast on Tuesday and there is this guy named Elementor who cuts hair so we decided to go, and I got my hair cut. He really is a sweet guy, and it was nice to talk to him, but... I am not sure if I was specific enough because he cut my sides SUPER SHORT but kept my top long. (He still is a cool guy though) SO I thought this is not appropriate at all, and Mother's day is coming up and I have president's interviews coming up. So I am at home and I have some scissors on my desk (You can see where this is going) and I decided to cut the top off myself but I wasn't good at it and I didn't ask for help so I have these really bad bald spot and my hair is even more of a mess so It wasn't the best night. But the other Elders told me the next morning (After they all laughed) that the best thing to do is just shave it off and then let it grow, so I went to another person and got it shaved to 1 or something but it's really short, but at least it feels like carpet :) So I am almost bald just so you know :)

Wednesday came around, and the first thing we did was fix my hair so that was nice, the guy that helped was really nice and it looks nice now. Then we saw Edward and talked about the Temple and Baptisms for the Dead and it was really nice. Then Elder Hodson and I tried to see some less active guy named Elder Hanson who is like a pioneer for Nkanfoa who brought the gospel there, but he is upset at the church because they let him go because he wasn't doing his job, so he has some back past hate. But we said hi at least so we will get there hopefully one day with him :) Elder Hodson and I are also trying to go and see the Mensah Family and the Abbakah Family as well so hopefully we will be able to. That night we saw Cecilia again and listened to 3rd Nephi 11 and it was really neat, to see Cecilia listening to the B.O.M. so it was great!
Thursday was a bit of a slower day. We had Edward's Interview after Weekly Planning and we found a translator (Luckily :) ) and everything worked out, and he passed! Yay! Then Elder Hodson and I rushed to the Mission Home for our interviews with President Stevenson. It was really nice. While we were waiting, Sister Stevenson talked to us about testimony and conversion and what they mean and it was really nice..

Then came Friday and we did Supplies! :) Before we did supplies though I got to interview 3 people of the Green Hill Sisters so that was really nice, but it was a nice supply day, and PEC was really great as well.

Saturday finally rolls around and Elder Hodson and I go out and we have lunch then we make sure everything is ready for Edward, and then we went to the twins home making sure they were still coming (Benjamin was preforming the baptism) and everything was good, and Edward was Baptized!!! Yay! The young men came and supported him and the spirit was really strong so that was great. After the Baptism we went with the Young Men to try to see some of their friends and invite them to church and that was fun. This was just the kick off activity so I am excited to see what happens next time. Then we had the Transfer Meeting that night. Okay so.... Elder Hodson is getting Transferred to the Takoradi Zone to Apowa to be with his TC Elder Igbeindeon, so he is going to enjoy. I am staying of course and my new companion is Elder Johnson (Chandler) we have 3 Johnson's in the missions so that's funny. I have heard of him. He is leaving his son Elder Maumau (Toa) so I am excited to talk to him and be his companion. I have heard good things so that's nice. :) I am sad that Elder Hodson is leaving though, he has been my longest companion and I have learned so much from him.

Sunday came and it was Mother's Day! YAY!!! I was really excited to call home :) but first we had church and Edward was confirmed a member and he was ordained a deacon (he is only 13 and then he will be 14 in like 3 weeks) so it was really neat! I really felt the spirit when we sang Where Can I turn for Peace and I just really love that song, and about how the Savior really does give us peace, and He is the only one that can do that. Anyways after Church Elder Hodson went to the Mission Home and then he Skyped home then I got to skype and it was really nice :) I really enjoyed seeing the family :) Afterwards then we went to see some members because Elder Hodson is saying goodbye so that was fun, but then that night we helped Jesse put some supplies in the truck before he goes so that was nice.

But anyways that's all for the week! I love you all so much! I hope that you are all having lots of fun adventures. Keep relying upon the Savior, He really is the only one that give us peace. Have a great week okay!
Elder Harward

Prayer List
1. Elder Hodson- That he might love his new area and companion and that we will always stay good friends :)
2. Elder Johnson- That he might be ready to be my companion that  we might love each other and work hard together
3. Members/Less Actives- So that we might be able to strengthen the ward, as well as find those who may have lost there way, and for us to find more people to teach as we ask for referrals.
That's about it. If you could keep a prayer in for me that would be nice. :) Sometimes I doubt myself and stuff but I am trying to be better. I love you so much thank you for all that you do. Do you think you could put just some small more money in my account, so we can get food? I am hoping not to pull it, but we may have to get some more stuff with 5 people being in the apartment soon, but I will keep you updated. :) I love you so much, have a great week okay? :)

Food we have at Transfer Night

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