Saturday, May 7, 2016

A few things about Elder Hodsen...and more

Hello Family and Friends! How are you all doing today! I hope that you are all enjoying the nice summer weather coming on, and are about to enjoy the month of May! Okay new words for you guys to practice: Kwesida E Som- Keep the Sabbath Day Holy, Kakra- Younger Twin Payne- Older Twin.

This was a great week! But before I get to the week I want to talk a little bit about Elder Hodson. I have been with Elder Hodson for 3 transfers know and it has been really nice to get to know him, so I would like to share some insights with you, so you can know him too :) Elder Hodson has three main things about him. 1. Mankessim- He LOVES that area. It was his first place and he had a lot of success there, and he will usually reference it from time to time. So we like to say "In Mankessim..." He says he will go back there sometime, either there or Saltpond 2. One of Elder Hodson's favorite quotes "Don't Worry about it" Ha-ha he says it a lot, just after random stuff he will just say it, and it's pretty great. 3. He also says this "I don't lie... I just don't always tell the truth" ha-ha Elder Hodson sometimes lies but he likes to say that it's not always telling the truth so that's pretty funny. Also I like to say Elder Hodson is the "Best Supply Elder in the GCCM" Elder Hodson works so hard, and knows how to do supplies very well, so I have been trying to learn from him and he is a great guy, and he also can read very fast. He goes through books so fast, and he is very intelligent Oh and he likes Country Music, so sometimes he will sing at random times during the day. Finally Elder Hodson likes Chewing Gum, Magic Malt, and talking to people. When he gets with new people he will just start talking to them forever and it's a really nice ice breaker, so that's a little bit about my companion! Ha-ha He might get transferred because this Saturday is transfer new so we shall see.

SO for the week it was nice!
Monday- was a nice P Day :)
Tuesday- Was District Meeting and Elder Reyes instructed on Humility and it was really nice. Then we had District Lunch! :) Sister Namutebi made Chapattis and Zumbis's and it was so good! We brought Fan Yango and we had water, and then we took some pictures! It was fun!  Then we did Supplies of course! :) After that we didn't see anyone because we had to pick Elder Magopolo from Cape Coast for our Exchanges with the Zone Leaders! 

So Wednesday I was on Exchanges with the Zone Leaders! Elder Hodson went to Cape Coast and Elder Magopolo came with me to Nkanfoa and it was really nice. We had a good time and I learned a lot of good things from him. This was my first exchange with a zone leader so that was cool. We saw Edward, Sylvester, Franics, and Christiana and it was really nice.
Thursday was a bit slower day for Elder Hodson and me. but we did see Edward and talked about the law of Chasity (since we did word of wisdom last time) and then we saw Francis and talked to him small, but then the rain came so we had to wait it out after that, but we did see Christiana as she was going home and we talked to her for a little bit and she is doing well.

Friday was a nice day with Supplies! Elder Hodson and I also organized some of the boxes of pamphlets in the back so that was sweet. Then we had PEC and had a great discussion about the ward, and then we saw Edward and talked about Tithing and Fast Offerings and Honoring the Law and it was a good lesson. He really is understand and progressing well!
Saturday- Was a really nice day! It was a little slow at first but we did see (You guessed it) Edward! He really is great, and we just finished the commandments with him and he make sure to review him what we talked about last time so that everything is still okay. But it was nice. Then Brother Emmanuel Bwabin (Our Young Men's President) Came with us to show us some members (We talked a little bit about that in PEC) and we saw where Brother Joseph Wa Tree and his sons the "Twins" Kakra and Payne (it come in handy in Ghana because they go by older and smaller) Benjamin Karka and Mogabi are really sweet priest and they are so cool and we also met there two less active brother s Samuel wo is older and the really young Samuel and it was nice to meet with them. Then we saw the Abbakah Family where Mercy is staying (She is going on her mission at the end of this transfer) and we saw her mother and it was really nice. Then I went on my exchange with Elder Reyes and we saw Lydia (this sweet old woman who lives on a hill) and Emmanuel and Abigail's Family and talked to them for a bit, and it was really nice. Ha-ha we took some pictures of our exchange as well.
Sunday- May 1st Fast Sunday and Mom's Birthday! It was a really nice day. Edward came to church and we gave him some ties that he could wear and it was good to see him, and even we had 3 or 4 less actives come to church including both of Benjamin and Mogabi's Brothers Samuel! It was SO neat. Elder Hodson and I are really going to focus on the members and less actives and really strengthening them so that everything will go well and that we might be happy to find some new people to teach. After Church we saw... Edward! Again! Yay! And we talked a little bit about the Priesthood and him becoming a Teacher and things like that, and it was really great. After we saw him then the office elders, the assistants and we broke our fast with.... The Family Pack Challenge!!!! So I guess it's a thing in the mission but you’re supposed to cook this HUGE thing of Indo Mie (meant for a family) with 6 eggs and eat all of it, (Plus a 1.5 liter of soda) SO we did it! And I included pictures! We didn't have enough fruit punch for every single person but we just shared the drinks but 4 out of the 6 finished all of their food. Elder Stulce, Elder Reyes, Elder Hannemann, and Me :) I felt SO FAT after that meal, but it was fun. (Ha-ha I worked out on today because I ate so much food... so I am going to try to be healthier. After Lunch we went back to the chapel and went to the Young Men Training so that they could go out the missionaries and what was expected of them, and it was really neat! Even Edward Came! I included pictures :) But it was a great meeting, and they are going out this Saturday to see some of the referrals that the young men come up with, and then they will give them to us, so that's very nice. :) Finally Elder Hodson and I saw the Quartson's and just said hi to them and their crazy boy Moroni (He has a really cool Book of Mormon name for sure).

But that's all for this week! I hope you are all having lots of fun and are enjoying life. Keeping moving forward, you are all amazing and I love you all :) P.S. This next week is BIG, we have President Interviews, Edward's Baptism, Transfer News, and Mother's Day all in the same week!!! So Crazy, but it should be so good!!! Love you!
Elder Harward
Prayer List
1. Edward- For his baptism interview to go well as well as his baptism :) Benjamin the Priest is actually baptizing him so that's really neat.
2. Emmanuel (From Green Hill Ward) - Remember the guy I baptized on Sunday for Green Hill? Well he didn't get confirmed this week. Some Member didn't say the nicest stuff and he didn't feel worthy so he didn't come to church so he could use some prayers because he really needs the Gift of The Holy Ghost.
3. The Members- That we might be able to see them and love them and show them our support for them.
4. Elder Hodson- He mostly get transferred so keep him in your prayers so that he will be comfortable going to his new area. 

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