Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Zone Activity at Victoria Beach, Saying Goodbye to Elder Hodson and Hello to Elder Johnson

Hello Family and Friends! How are you all doing? I hope that you are all doing well, and that you are having lots of fun adventures! Hopefully you guys are enjoying the nice summer air.

Monday was our P-Day and we had a Zone activity at Victoria Beach!! The zone leaders got us rice and we played some games on the beach: fun!

Tuesday was our MLC report from the Zone Leaders and we talked a little bit about our zone conference coming up on the 25th of May, and we also talked about how to make baptism services more spiritual; as well as being punctual for every meeting, so I learned some good things that President Stevenson wants us to work on. Then Elder Hodson and I did our last day of supplies together.

Wednesday was transfers, so we helped the missionaries go from Tantri Station to Pedu Station and with their luggage. I dropped off Elder Hodson at Pedu Station and I said goodbye, which was sad, and then I picked up Elder Johnson. Chandler Johnson (We have three in our mission, so I have to specify which one) and he is a cool guy! I helped him with his bags and then he helped me with the other missionaries and we got to know each other. So a little bit about Elder Johnson: he is from Commerce City Colorado!  He is 18 years old (Turns 19 on the 31st so we get to baptize him YES! :)) And he ran Cross Country in High School, and  his favorite color is blue, so that's just a little bit about him, but he really is cool, and we get along really well, so that's nice :) 

After transfer stuff Elder Johnson and I went to see some members and then we went to Final FuFu.

Final Fufu

Thursday was a bit of a slower day, but we did find the Mensah Family and got to talk to them, and we also got to go visit some more members.

Friday of course was supplies, and it was Elder Johnson’s first day and he picked up really well, so it that was good, and PEC was nice because Bishop was happy to meet our new "Brothers".

Saturday Elder Johnson and I saw Cecilia's husband, Francis, and it was a really great lesson. He came to church the past Sunday (Elder Hodson's last Sunday) so we followed up and this was his first time coming, and he said he really enjoyed the "simple" of the church meeting and how it was ran and we had a great first lesson with him. He even came again to church this Sunday! :) Also we saw Sylvester and talked to him and just tried to answer his questions, but he didn't come to church so that was sad. Then we saw Edward and started reviewing the lessons with him and he is doing really well. We also stopped by the Mensah Family again so hopefully we can help them small small.

Sunday of course was church. Edward gave us a referral of one his friends and he came to church, so we are going to see him this next week! It was so cool to see him being a missionary, and it really touched me at how he really is helping his friend. We then saw Bro. Hanson, the less active, who hates the church. It was hard and he said, “Just let me go to hell.” I was shocked, but the Savior still loves him and we are going to help him the best we can. The Gift prepared us a nice meal and it was CoConta so it was good. After that we didn't have any lessons because Ben and the others weren't home, and we didn't find a translator for Charity, but we did set up a time for Wednesday.

That is all for the week! I hope that all is going well! Keep being awesome and sharing the gospel. The Lord will help you as you pray for opportunities to serve and help others. I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Harward

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