Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cape Coast Castle, and Easter Parade

Hello Family and Friends! How are you all doing? I hope that you are all doing well and that you are having LOTS of fun adventures. :) I hope that you all had a great Easter Weekend, and really had a good time remembering the Savior.

Okay so as for this week, it was a good week!

Monday- Of Course was P- Day and we had a Zone Activity! We went to.... The Cape Coast Castle!!!! IT WAS SO NEAT! I had a lot of fun. We first were allowed to walk through the museum that they had (they said no pictures in the museum :( ) and it was really neat to learn the background of the Cape Coast Castle and the Elmina Castle. The Elmina Castle is the oldest Castle in Ghana! After the museum we got a guided tour of the castle and there was some "Obrunis" (white people) with us so that was fun (I believe one guy was British).

We first went through the male dungeons and those were interesting and cool. They fit up to 200 people per room and their bodily fluids were up to their knee (due to non-sanitation and non-sewer). Above the male dungeons was a church (Interesting right?) Later they changed it into Library. We also saw the Female Dungeons, The Prisoner Cell, The Governor’s Quarters, The Graves, The Cannons and Cannonballs, and of course the Famous "The Door of No Return." (Basically that is the door where the slaves walked through and were never seen again as they were sold to America and other places; on the other side they wrote, “Door of Return” to remember their history and to make it a place of welcome. Not only was the castle tour fun, but the view was fantastic!!! It's such a great historical site of Ghana.

Tuesday- I had planned for one of the Sisters (Sister Namutebi) to give an instruction at District Meeting (because you don't want to hear the same person for a long time) and it gives other missionaries a chance to learn and to grow. So I didn't prepare anything for an instruction. Well Sister Namutebi's companion, Sister Anderson, hadn't been feeling too well and it got worse on Tuesday. So they called Sister Stevenson and she told them that they couldn't come to District Meeting, so I had to prepare something in like 5 minutes and go with it, but it was okay. It was on Commitments, going off of “We Invite, They Commit, We Follow Up,” and it was nice. Elder Hodson and I then did supplies and it was nice.

Wednesday was a good day: We saw Slyvester and we went over Prayer (Because he didn't know how to pray and didn't understand the importance).  It was a good lesson and it definitely was a step in the right direction, so now hopefully we can help him come to church. After that Elder Hodson carried some water on his head (which, by the way, is extremely difficult) for Hannah, and we were then able to teach her about Faith and Repentance. She is doing well, it's just helping her get to church. Towards the end of the night we saw A-Boss and we read more of the Book of Mormon with him and we got through 2 more chapters and that was nice! (We are almost out of the Isiah Chapters!)

Thursday was also a nice day. Elder Hodson and I first saw Edward and it was a good lesson. We talked about the Book of Mormon (He is 14 but only in Primary class 4, so he still has some English to still learn and hopefully he will understand more of the scriptures as time goes on). As he has continued to understand it small small, we were able to give him a baptismal date for April 30th, so that is exciting! He has a good support system from his Aunt Anita and the young men, so now it's just helping him prepare for that date. We then went to the church to wait to Victor to see him, and we just talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that was nice and he is doing well. I believe he is preparing to go to the temple soon so that was exciting. After Victor, Elder Hodson and I were waiting for our Missionary Coordination Meeting and we saw a big crowd coming down and they were singing and dancing. I guess they were practicing for their Easter Festival on Saturday so that was cool to see. We actually have a new ward mission leader who is Brother Sagoe and he just came home from his mission and he is excited to work and that is really nice.

Friday was a nice supply day. :)

Saturday- Was a pretty nice day! In the morning I got the opportunity to interview three young boys for baptism for the Green Hill 1 Sisters and they were really cool. They all had powerful names: Peter, Moses, and John and the guy who translated for me was named Isaac (who by the way is going on his mission in April). Peter and John are brothers: Peter is 11, John is 8 and Moses is 11 and they were really sweet. After the interviews Elder Hodson and I went into Cape Coast to get some food for our Transfer Meeting.  The Assistants had their baptism that day/ also a meeting to conduct, so they asked us if we could help and we said we would. So we were able to get some fries and hot dogs and it was nice. We even got to see the festival in Nkanfoa for Easter and that was cool, although some guy tried to steal some bread from my companion. When we returned we started to cook the food and then the Assistants came to help and then the other Zone Leaders came and it was a nice night. Then we got ready to hear the transfer news: SO... I am staying. No surprise there, and  I am still with Elder Hodson. Powerful!!!! He will be my longest companion (For 3 transfers now) so that is really cool! He is a great guy so we are going to work hard this next transfer. The only really big news is that Elder Day is going to Hemang Praso to be a District Leader and he is white washing the area with a guy named Elder Jarvies, so he is excited for that. Elder Jones (My TC) is actually in the Hemang apartment so they are going to enjoy.

Easter Sunday- Was a nice Day! Church was really nice (and Edward Came :) ) and after church we all went to the Green Hill ward to support the baptism of those 3 young boys and it was really great. After that Elder Hodson and I made some popcorn for... Movie Night! And we were able to watch The Best Two Years, and it was really great. I really love Elder Rodger’s turnaround moment when he testifies of Joseph Smith. It's such a powerful moment and it helps him remind him about why he is there, and it's just a good reminder to always remember why I am serving. After Movie Night Elder Day made Hamburgers and Fries at our place and it was really nice, so it was a nice way to celebrate Easter. 

So that's all for this week.  I hope that all of you are doing well. The work here is going well. We just need to help people come to church and to help them to continue to keep their commitments,  but hopefully things should go. I love you all. I hope you all have a great week!
Elder Harward

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