Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Spider Named Satan

Hello Family and Friends! Ot a Dang? I hope you are all Boko! I am sure the weather is nice in Utah and that you are enjoying it. Here in Africa the Dry Season only has some few months left, and then the Rainy Season is back, so that will be exciting when it comes back.

Elder Reyes and I
 Monday- Was a Nice P-Day. So we all come home to the apartment after we were done with the day, and Elder Reyes started screaming, "Somebody Kill it" and I am like what is it? So I turn the corner and that's where I found the Spider... Now this was the biggest spider I have ever seen in my life. Literally. Ha-ha. However we were able to spray it with Raid and it died, but I guess that one was small compared to other Spiders that other people have seen. I am glad that I didn't see any of them bigger, but anyways we named the spider Satan, so Satan died that night.

Tuesday- We had MLC report from our Zone Leaders, and it was nice. We talked about Preach My Gospel, and then they really focused on President and Sister Stevenson. They talked about which Dress and Grooming. I learned a lot from it, and we got a packet with some small details with things that we can improve on, so I have got some room to grow and that's good. :) Then Elder Hodson and I did a normal day of supplies. We saw Priscilla (Christiana's Sister) that night and we started with Lesson 1 and talked about Families and Prophets. It was a nice lesson.
My (not so white) shirt which ready for the fire. 
Wednesday- was a nice day. We were able to see Sylvester and talk about Lesson 1 and made sure he understood everything. We then saw John and we finished up Lesson 2 with where will we go after we die? He had good questions about it! That was nice and we were able to give him a baptismal date for April 9th!!! So that was exciting. We then were able to see Hannah later that evening and talked to her about Faith and repentance and it was a good lesson.

Thursday- Was another good Day. We saw Victor at the Church. (They were really cleaning it up. They want it to look good in case Elder Rasband wants to look at it, but it was looking good) We reviewed Lesson 2 for his Post Baptism lesson and we gave him D&C section 76 to help him with the three kingdoms (that was still confusing); then had some things fall through and then we were able to see Priscilla again and talk about the apostasy and it was nice.

Image result for letters
Thank you Young Men, for the letters!

Friday- Was another good day with Supplies. I actually got some letters from the Young Men and it made my day. :) We weren't able to see anyone that night.

Saturday- Was the Football Match for the Elder Quorum. I didn't bring my camera but it was really cool to watch our ward play against some team. We won 5-2.  :) We then came home and got ready but we were only able to see Cecilia and review with her Faith and Repentance and it was really nice.

Burning my shirt
Sunday came around and Church was sweet. Victor spoke in Sacrament about the Holy Ghost and it was really nice. I got to teach the Investigators Class and that was okay, ha-ha. After church Elder Hudson and I had some small lunch and then we were able to see Ben (I haven't met ben before) but we talked to him about Lesson 1 in review (he has been taught a lot but he hasn't come to church yet, and we just didn't have time to meet him) but he says that he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet so that is progression. We then saw Edward (Who was a referral from the bishop he is a young man who is Anita's brother's son who is been coming to church but hasn’t been taught) so we had a lesson with him and it was really good!! We then saw Gloria later that evening and it was sweet to talk to her (She even came to church) we talked about Faith and Repentance and it was really sweet.

But that is all for this week! I am REALLY excited for Friday, and I can't wait to meet Elder Rasband, and I know our mission is going to learn and grow from his instruction. I hope you guys have a great week. I love you!
Elder Harward

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