Friday, March 25, 2016

Meeting Elder Rasband, and a scorpion!

Hello Family and Friends! How are you all doing? I hope that you are doing well and everything is going well. I hope that you are enjoying the spring weather!

So as for this week it was great!!! So here we go!

Monday was a nice P-Day but we weren't able to see anybody, so that was sad.

    Tuesday was a good day. We had District Meeting and I instructed again (Only my 3rd time) and this time it was on “A Change of Heart and  A New Start.”  Basically it was about how we should have a change of heart and how we can experience a change of heart continually through repentance and Starting over. Mom used to always quote this talk by Jeffrey. R. Holland The Best is Yet to Be talking about... Luke 32 where Jesus Christ says, “ Remember Lot's Wife” and I LOVE that talk, so I used it in my instruction and how we can start over, and that faith is pointed to the future. Anyways it was okay. Elder Hodson and I then did supplies, and then we saw A- Boss (One of our security Guards, who is dating Beverly) and we continued reading the Book of Mormon with him and it was nice.

Wednesday was also a good day: We were able to see Sylvester and we talked about Lesson 2 and he only had question on the last part, so that was okay, so we told him we would go over it next time. We then saw Edward Moses (The 14 year old boy that has been at church for a long time, but just hasn't been taught) and we went over Lesson 1 again with a translator and he understood it much better and it was really nice. We then saw John, but he was with a lot of his friends so we weren’t able to have a nice lesson so we just talked about faith.

Thursday came around and Elder Hodson and I had Weekly Planning and then we went on our exchange with the Assistants. (They just needed to exchange for a small time just to get mattresses in Western Region and to make sure everything was okay), so I was with Elder Stulce and I was the phone boy, while Elder Stulce drove. WE just called the zones that were coming in and making sure that everything was on schedule and that everyone was arriving okay, and we also were helping with driving the people to their apartments. It was a nice day, and Elder Hodson and I got to sleep at the Assistants, so that was nice

Friday Morning- We are up at 4:00 A.M. (We had to be up this early so we would be early to this meeting) and we got ready and Elder Stulce and I started to take the Zone Leaders to Ola Chapel to make sure everything was good so that all of Central Region was there at 6:00 A.M. Well then Elder Stulce and I headed up in our car up to Takoradi! IT was my first time in Western Region and it was pretty interesting! We got to the meeting early (about and hour early 9; 00 a.m.) and we got to talk to some of our T.C's and say hi to everyone. Everybody was really excited to see each other, but then President Stevenson got us settled down and we had small personal study, then Elder Rasband arrived! 
Image result for Elder Rasband

We went outside and took a picture as a mission and then we got to walk in and shake his hand! It was cool to shake his hand and his wife's hand, and Elder Vincent (of the seventy) and his wife's hand as well! It was really cool. We then sang our mission hymn 324 Rise Up Servants of God and then the meeting began. We heard from Sister Stevenson, President Stevenson, testimonies from Elder Adams and Sister Khumalo, and then Sister Vincent Spoke, then Elder Vincent spoke, and then Sister Rasband spoke (She is a very sweet woman) and finally Elder Rasband spoke and it was so great!!! I learned A LOT from what was given. He gave his four points to remember: 1)Always bring paper and pencil to hear a general authority; I was glad that I brought some (naturally)  because then he said this 2) Always follow your spiritual promptings and he wanted us to notice our own spiritual promptings and it is really neat! 3)He said don’t be a whiner; the Lord has you in a place for a reason and a purpose and if you whine, it is almost as if you are disgracing the Lord because He knows that this is where  you are supposed to be, so make the most of it, and learn what you can. And 4) You are your most important Convert on  a Mission, and he talked about how he should learn about the Savior because when we learn of Him, we love Him and we want to serve Him and do His will. He also talked about how we learn new things each time we read the Book of Mormon and how key it is for investigators to understand that. He said a lot of good things, and it's hard to sum up into words everything he said, but IT was SO SO good, the sprit was so strong, and he truly has the spirit with him. Haha he showed us how much he prepared for his talk, and it was like a small piece of paper and he really just followed the sprit which was incredible. After the meeting Elder Stulce and I were companions again, so he took us home and we came back to Cape Coast.

Saturday was a little bit slower: We saw Sylvester again and we reviewed the three kingdoms of glory and we talked about priesthood and come to find out, he has not prayed yet about Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon. He doesn’t seem interested in prayer right now, so we are going to work on him with that. But then Elder Hodson and I were able to see Albert and just talk to him. We dropped him a while ago but we just want to show our love and support for him, and maybe one day he will be ready.

Sunday- was a nice day: Elder Hodson and I saw Agness and we went over lesson 3 up to baptism and we gave her a baptism date for April 30th! So hopefully she can work to that. She said she hasn't come to church yet because she is a little lazy which is okay, and we are totally going to work with her! We then saw Gloria, but we need to talk to her mom and figure out some things (If she wants to be baptized or not things like that) but things hopefully will go well for her. Edward Came to church again and that was really sweet, so he is looking really good for a Baptism Date pretty soon, hopefully for some time in April!

But that is all for the week! I hope that you all continue having fun adventures, and rely upon the lord. Love you all!
Elder Harward

P.S. We found some Scorpions in our yard. One was a big one whom we named Sebastian and the other small one named Pier, but we killed them both. I have never seen a scorpion until I came out on my mission haha! 

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