Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hello Family and Friends! I hope that you are all doing well, and that you enjoyed General Conference last weekend. I know that the messages that were presented at this time are what Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ need us to do, and help us become better.

Okay so as for this week, it was pretty nice!

Monday was a nice P-Day, and we had planned to see A-Boss for FHE but he was traveling back from Winneba so we couldn't have it, but that's okay.

Tuesday we had Combined District Meeting for the missionaries who are leaving the zone to say goodbye, I then did supplies, and then that night we had Final FuFu for the missionaries going home and we got to meet the new missionaries coming in. (The Final FuFu is usually Wednesday but because of the missionaries going home earlier than expected President Stevenson changed the date). I also got to watch President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk again to the new mission presidents in 2014 (all new missionaries watch it) and it was great to listen to it again. It was also great to hear the departing missionaries give their final testimonies.

Wednesday was a pretty good day! Elder Hodson and I saw Sylvester and we went over Faith and Repentance. Then we saw Agness and went over Baptism again to make sure she didn't have any questions, and it was really nice! Then we saw Beverleyn and then Hannah which both were really great lessons.

These are just pictures of how the funeral looks like in Ghana. It's actually quite different than America. They post the obituary on the walls  and they don't bury the person for some months. When they do it's like a celebration of life. Even some of the Chiefs of the villages were there. The one holding the big stick is one of the chiefs and the chiefs are the ones over the villages. I guess the Nkanfoa chief wasn't there.

Thursday was another pretty good day. Elder Hodson and I saw Sylvester again and we went over Baptism and we tried to give him a Baptism Date, but he feels like his baptism into his Church was right. (I guess the guy that did it is an "Apostle" of his church so he feels it's good) We tried to explain about Authority connecting it back with Joseph Smith, so we left him to commit to Prayer about it. We then Francis (Our less active) and he has a Doctrine and Covenants Student Book and he wanted to talk about Prophets so we went over all the prophets from Joseph Smith, and I even sang the Primary Song because it helped ha-ha. Then we saw Cecilia/Phillip and we talked about Charity and that was a really nice lesson, and they are both doing really well! We then saw Christiana and went over Charity as well, and it was nice. She is doing really well, and her small daughter Emaculate is so sweet, although she is scared of me ha-ha. Oh there was also this Funeral Going on and I Took some pictures of it, and It was really interesting because funerals are different hear in Ghana.

Friday Elder Hodson and I had Supplies and that was nice. :) After Supplies we had PEC and we talked about ideas for the ward, like a missionary Sunday, and activities for the ward so they can get excited about missionary work and that was really nice. After PEC Elder Hodson and I were planning on seeing Agness but she wasn't feeling up for it, but her neighbor Juliet wanted us to teach her (She has sat in on our lessons a few times) and we got to know her and went over The Restoration, and it was nice.

Saturday was a really nice day. I guess that General Conference is now live to the whole Continent of Africa but we weren’t able to watch it, so it was just a normal day.  We started out by seeing Sylvester and we went into Acts Chapter 2: 2-5 about the people getting re baptized because it was in the name of John and it needed to be correct, and so we explained that to him. Unfortunately he wasn't able to pray about it, so he wasn't able to get an answer. So we didn't give him a Baptism date but we just moved on (He also has not come to church yet so it's a little frustrating right now, but hopefully  small small things will improve. Then Elder Hodson and I saw Phillip passing by and we asked if we could teach him small and he said okay and we talked to him, and it was really nice. Then Dorothy passed by (A Young Women we had a Gospel Conversation passed by) and she said Hi, and she agreed to sit down and have a lesson and it was really nice. Turns out she goes to SHS with Gifty but is just two grades lower. But we had a good lesson .Then we saw Agness and talked about the Holy Ghost, and it was nice, she promised us she would be at church on Sunday. Finally we saw Beverlyn's Sister Mame Akoua (I guess she has been coming to church for some time with Beverlyn) So Beverlyn said her mom was okay with us teaching her. She is only 8 years old and English is not all that well, so we tried to break it down really small small so she could understand so it seemed like it was okay, but hopefully we can get a translator for her.

Sunday was a great day! So we had Church and during Church they announced that they would be showing the Sunday Morning Session of General Conference Live at 4:00 P.M at the Cape Coast Stake Center! So we asked our Zone Leaders and they said we could go!!!! We didn't have anybody of our investigators come to church so, But after Church we saw Victor and just reviewed some commandments and talked to him about General Conference and he said he would come (And he did :) ) We then saw Sylvester and we just talked to him about the Law of Chastity. (Elder Hodson and I are hoping that somehow he will start to progress after we go through almost all of the lessons but we are just seeing if he is going to come to church, and if he is going to pray) but it was a nice lesson. After that we tried to see some other people but it didn't happened but finally it came to the time to go watch General Conference!!!!! It was SO cool to see just one session live and it made my week. I almost felt like I was watching it live back home. I really loved the session. Christopher W. Waddell’s talk was really good and I like it A LOT, as well as Christofferson's talk on Fathers, but the talk that hit me home was Dieter F. Uchtdorf's Talk. It was SO good, and I really need to hear what he said. I absolutely loved the idea of being rebuilt and that we are known and loved, and the savior is willing to help us, we just got to take the steps and be obedient. I have never had a talk hit me like that before and it was incredible. It truly was an answer to my pleading heart to my Heavenly Father for help. I hope to get a hard copy of it soon. Anyways I just want you all to know that our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ love you and that as you listen to General Conference you will find things that you need personally in your life and it will bless you. Anyways After the Meeting I met Brother Anderkson and his family and that was nice ha-ha. :)

Hopefully I will get to read the rest of Conference Soon, and heed the words that they are saying. I hope you all have a good week. I love you all!
Elder Harward

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