Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Closer Look at Being a Supply Elder

This week it definitely was a better week than last week (no sickness; smile).

Monday night- Elder Hodson and I were able to See Hannah and that was nice, but we are having a hard time getting her to church, but hopefully she will progress small small.

Tuesday- Of course was District Meeting, but it was combined with the other district to welcome in the new members of the Cape Coast Zone. The Sister Training Leaders instructed and it was on Charity, and it was good! After that we had Supplies!!!! Yay! Okay so I will tell you more in depth what a typical day is like for supplies. So we come in before district meeting at the office and we look at the orders for apartments (We have a separate email for supplies), respond back to the apartments, and print out the orders. We then look through the orders, and the supplies in the back to make sure we have the items needed, and then we make a shopping list of supplies. Then we usually will grab our imprest (A.K.A the money) and take it with us if we need to buy supplies. After District Meeting I will drive Elder Hodson and I in to Cape Coast and then we go to the post office and get mail! (We like going to the mail place, because it's exciting to see if something is for you, or for someone else) After that we will go shopping, Melcom's, Kofi's, and this Sweet Woman's shop (who gets stuff for us in bulk) are the main places to get stuff. After that then we grab lunch from Dynasty (Fried Rice... ha-ha not too healthy) and a drink and head back to the office. Then we have Lunch, sort the mail/Packages, and fill the orders for the apartments. We also organize any shipments of Pamphlets, and things like that and make sure the supply Room is tidy and clean. And then we go out at 6:00 P.M. So that's a typical day in the office. Sometimes we will switch it up a bit and get supplies first then mail, but it just depends on what we need and the time we have. (Like Kofi's closes at 4:00 P.M. so we have to get stuff before then) or sometimes we have to get pillows but it's a lot of fun! It's a lot of work but it's good! Whenever Jesse Calls we have to go to the office and help him load the supplies for the apartments and that's about it! It's a lot of work but also fun! So anyways Tuesday night we saw Christiana and we just talked and she wanted to watch the restoration DVD so we said Friday we will watch it.

Wednesday- We had a good day. We met this new woman named Anita and we were able to sit down with her and have a good first lesson with her. We also passed by Christiana's place and was able to teach her. We then saw Albert and we gave him the low down about us teaching him and gave him his biggest commitment to attend church again and he said he would (But he didn't, but that's okay, I think he just needs some time to figure things out)

Thursday- Weekly Planning, and now we make POPCORN Thursday for weekly Planning, and it's nice :) After that we met John Mensah. (John sells Credit for phones at his stand and one day was talking to Christiana, so we went up to them and started talking to them. Christina knows John because they were classmates in high school and Christiana used to attend the church that john attends, so we talked to John and he said he wanted to meet) So today we met him and it was good! I took a picture with him, and it was a REALLY good lesson. He had good questions and I think he has great potential, so hopefully things go well for him. 

John Mensah, our investigator

We then saw Victor and went over his duties as a new Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood, then we saw Phillip and Cecilia (His Mother) Our recent converts in NKanfoa and I got some pictures of Phillip and we had a good lesson with them.

Phillip, one of our recent converts

Friday- Another Day in Supplies, and it was good :) That night I went with Elder Day on another exchange and it was good. Our appointments fell through but we did go to Bishop Ewuzchie house and it was nice to see him.

Saturday was nice as well. Elder Hodson and I brought the Restoration DVD with us and the DVD player. We met a new guy named Sylvester who was a referral from the Assistants and we got to know him, and turns out he knew small about the church and even had a Book of Mormon. So then we decided to watch the restoration, and it was nice. The spirit was there. We then had some appointments fall through and we had to help Jesse with Supplies, but we were able to see Philip and Cecilia again and that was nice; finally at the end of the night we saw Christiana and we watched the movie and gave her a present. (We got her a triple combination and the Holy Bible from our distribution order, and she was very happy) The spirit was SO Strong during the small video and it was great. She asked us if that was it (because it was so short) we told her there was a longer version, and she wanted to watch it. So we decided to watch it on Sunday. We decided to make it a ward thing. We got some biscuits and treats and I made some Popcorn that night so that it would be nice for those that came.


Sunday came and church was nice! We got a referral from the Arthurs on a young girl named Rita, who came to church, so we were able to meet with her. Bishop announced our movie night and we were excited to see all those who would come. Finally the time came we got the stuff for the movie, and we went over to the chapel and got everything ready and then we started the movie and handed out the treats, and it was a good turn out from the ward. Christiana came and our investigator Charity came too.  
But just to add one last spiritual moment that happened to me: As I watched the small restoration depiction, I really feel the spirit and when we watched the full length movie, I felt the spirit so strongly even more. I feel peace in knowing that Joseph Smith was a prophet of god, because that means this church is true, and that families can be together forever. I am so grateful for Joseph Smith, and his sacrifice and diligence to follow our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that he did see our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the Spring of 1820. Yes he was young, but he had faith and a desire to follow Jesus Christ, and because of him we have the Book Of Mormon and it truly will make us happy. It's hard to explain how grateful I am for him, but my testimony has grown so much about him and the Restoration. If you apply Moroni's promise (Mornoi 10:3-5) you will know for yourself if the church is true, and if Joseph Smith truly was indeed a prophet of God. Through it all I know that I still need to continue to strengthen that testimony.

I love you all. I hope you have a great week!
Elder Harward

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