Sunday, February 28, 2016

Getting Sick

Some great things happened this week, and not so great things as well.
Monday of course was P- Day and we were able to teach a young woman named Hannah.

The next day at our District Meeting Elder Tobler (one of The Cape Coast Zone Leaders) gave his final testimony and it was very nice, anf then after the meeting we took a photo as the Cape Coast Zone and that was cool! After that Elder Hodson and I did Supplies, and then we saw Domitilla and we went over the Restoration with her and that went well!

Wednesday was a slower day for Elder Hodson and I, but we were able to see the young girl named Gloria (Beverlyn's cousin) and go over the Book of Mormon. She likes us coming over and she is nice to teach, but we are having a hard getting her to come to church. That night we went to the Final FuFu dinner for the Missionaries going home and that was very great! The FuFu was SO good! I enjoyed it! I got to see Elder Tyson and that was sweet! I knew more of the missionaries in this group, so hearing their testimonies was really great!!! And it was neat to see what their mission meant to each and every one of them, and I will miss them but I know they will be doing great things.

Thursday was a nice day! Elder Hodson and I were able to see Gloria again and we went over Lesson 2 with some visuals to help and that was very sweet! We also stayed and met with Beverlyen and she taught us some things that she learned while she taught Seminary, and that was neat! That night we saw Christiana and of course she is doing very well! We just sat down and we talked with her, and reviewed small of Lesson 1 with her and next time we are planning on watching The Restoration with her so that should be neat!

Friday was nice as well! Elder Hodson and I did Supplies again and that's always an adventure. And I got my parents package so that was neat to actually pick that up :) But we got some good work done so that was great. That night we had PEC. Victor Got called to be The First Counselor in the Young Men's Presidency and he was there at PEC and it was SO cool to see him there already magnifying his calling! Then I officially started my exchange with Elder Griffin (After PEC) I was excited to go on my exchange with him and see how he was doing and it was a nice exchange, even though our appointments fell through.
Then Saturday rolled around. So Friday night I had some Indo Mie that a nice lady makes and it's pretty good and it has nice vegetables in it and so everything is fine, but in the middle of the night I got Runny Tummy (Diarrhea) Twice, and I thought "This is weird" and Saturday Morning I had Runny Tummy again and after that I just didn't feel good, and then I threw up small. I knew that I had to throw up more because  it was small but eventually I did throw up some more (I believe it was bad indo mie (because I could see the vegetable) so my stomach wasn't feeling too well, so Elder Hodson and I weren't able to proselyte. I was upset because I felt like I was wasting the Lord’s time, and I didn’t' want to do that. But Elder Hodson reminded me that we are all human and that the Lord understands when we get sick so that helped me out.
I saw this in a store and I knew you would get a kick out of it; knowing me.haha. 

Sunday I was feeling much much better and Elder Hodson and I went to church and that was great. Sister Stevenson and Sister Hanlon came and that was great! And they got to bear their testimonies along with Elder Griffin and that was sweet! We got this great referral a couple of days back for a guy named Sylvester, but we weren't able to see him so we had a slow day but we are really excited about him, and the work here in Nkanfoa! As we turn to the Lord in our daily affairs he will help us, and as we strive to do his will we will be blessed. I am reading in 3rd Nephi 12 when Jesus Christ appears and has been a great comfort to me, ( I also got a good marking key going on so that was exciting)  these past couple of days, and I know that as we turn to the Savior we will all be blessed.

I hope you all have a good week and I love you all so much! Keep Having fun adventures.
Elder Harward

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