Sunday, September 4, 2016

Baptisms in Abura and Primary Anniversary Day!

Hello Family and Friends! How are you all doing this week? I hope that everything is going well for you all. This past week was another good week in Ntranoa.
Tuesday we had District Meeting and it is always of course pretty funny because of the Sisters (the 8 of them). When we sing the Mission Hymn,  they are always so loud haha. It's hard to hear that Elder Nsenga and I are singing, but they are great. Sister Monyei instructed us this Tuesday (because she is going home this transfer) about what she learned throughout her mission and it was really nice. It will be sad when we lose her and Sister Otusanya, but I know they are going to do great things back at home. After District Meeting Elder Nsenga and I saw Isaac Pentil and we finished Lesson 1 and it was really great. We then saw Francis Baidoo and talked about Priesthood and Auxiliaries and Learning and Serving in the Church. They are both doing really well!
This is where our branch meets for Sacrament Meeting
Wednesday was a bit of a slower day, but Elder Nsenga and I were able to see Padmore in Koful and we had a LENGTHY discussion on God having a body and we are hoping that he prays about what we taught him. He knows the Bible well, and has been taught before, so hopefully we can help him progress.
On Thursday after Weekly Planning we went to Abura to do Baptism Interviews. I was able to do 6 this day, and it was wonderful! I told all the candidates that I am their best friend, so they can be free and just talk to me. I really loved Sister Johnson's interview because she was so funny during it, and it was a good day.
A donkey we met during our tracting
Friday was another good day. Elder Nsenga and I tried to see some people before heading to Abura, but it didn't happen. We went to Abura and I did my last interview for the Abura Sisters and then Elder Nsenga and I went to the chapel to witness the baptisms. They had 8 people baptized. Four were for Abura 2-A and the other 4 were for Abura 1-B so they combined with the wards for the baptism and it was really great. Only one person I didn't interview (Due to an abortion problem) but it was really great to see all of these people enter into the waters of baptism, and I really loved getting to know them. Sister Ruskin, Sister Mawaswha (Abura 1-B), Sister Thomas, Sister Udom, Sister Monyei, and Sister Apio (Abura 2-A) are doing really great work so they are powerful!

Saturday was another good day. Elder Nsenga and I saw Isaac Pentil and we taught all of Lesson 2 to him, and he knows that The Book of Mormon is true! He is a pretty sweet young man. I will try to get a picture with him this next week. Elder Nsenga and I then went to the chapel for the Primary Anniversary Day and the Children were great with their singing and program, it was great to watch! We then saw Francis and taught him just about Service because he was a little  bit  busy but it was good.

Sunday was a bit a slower day but we saw Otu and we talked about the Book of Mormon and committed him to pray about it again. We also saw Isaac again and taught Lesson 3 and he is doing well for his baptism date for September 10th, and Francis is also looking really good for  the 10th!
Anyways that is all for this week. I hope that all is going well for you guys. I continue to pray for you all each day. Have a great week!
Elder Harward

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