Sunday, September 18, 2016

Matching African Shirts, Zone Activity with District Shirts, Zone Conference, Francis's Baptism and Transfer News

Hello Family and Friends! What a couple of weeks it has been! I hope that everyone is doing well. I apologize for last week. I was writing my email, but the computer stopped working and we had to go out, so I am sorry for that. But the past week was pretty good, seeing our recent converts as well has preparing for Isaac and Francis’ Baptism.

So as for this week it was a pretty good week. My companion and I picked up our African Shirts a couple of weeks ago, and they are pretty great! Elder Nsenga's is a Button Up on and mine is an open collar shirt, and they are pretty cool! On a sad note Isaac Pentil did not get baptized; in fact, we haven't seen in him, in almost 2 weeks. :( He was going to renew his health insurance card in Cape Coast and was supposed to be back on Monday, but hasn't returned. President Thompson told us he thinks it's because of the fact that he can do what he wants, and has no curfew, but at President Thompson's place he has to live by the rules haha. Hopefully he comes back so he can learn and grow. I really thought he was accepting the message well, but we shall see if he comes back, and what will happen.

Okay so this last Monday we had a Zone Activity at the Abura Chapel and our Abura District wore our District T-Shirts! We looked pretty great in them :) I am a little biased but we truly are the best District in the G.C.C.M. :) We took some photos and we had a really great time at the activity. I even made sure to take a picture of the Abura 8 Sisters because they are really great sister missionaries.

Tuesday was kind of a slower day. NO district meeting due to Zone Conference on Thursday, but Elder Nsenga and I saw a former investigator named Eunice who sells Kenke and we just sat down and had a good discussion. She is very sweet, but I think her problem is not coming to church haha, but hopefully we can help her out. I was joking with my companion that tonight is the night that trainer's get called and that he was going to get called for the 3rd time haha. He also was joking with me, because there is an Elder Howard coming in the mission. Well we didn't get the call but two of the Sisters did in our District, so that was great!! Super happy for them! Even one of my former companions (Elder Hodson) is also training, so I am excited for him.

Wednesday was a pretty good day. We saw Regina and we talked with her about Lesson 3, and she had a concern about the Holy Ghost, so we are going to follow up on that, but she is doing well. Elder Nsenga and I went to Abura to do a Baptism Interview for the Abura Sisters for a small girl named Filomina (She is 9) and it was really great! Then we saw Francis Baidoo and we reviewed the Baptism Interview Questions and collected the Baptism Information, everything went well!!! :)

Thursday was Zone Conference at Ola Chapel!! And I ABSOLUTELY loved it! We talked about Establishing Zion and what it takes from Past experiences in the scriptures to have Zion. President Stevenson put all the qualities on the Blog so you can check them out, as well as our Zone Picture, where I participated in a Role Play and the Musical Number so that was fun. :) I really loved Burning our Weapons of War, promising to be better, and do what we need to do to be better missionaries. Truly a spiritual highlight for me, that I want to remember forever. We even got a paper reminding us of burying our weapons of war. It was a great zone conference :) After Zone conference our appointments fell through so that was about it for Thursday.

Friday was a bit of a slower day, but Francis got interviewed for Baptism and Passed!!! Elder Nsenga and I are going to Abura to witness their baptism for 3 people, so that was really sweet!

Saturday came around and Elder Nsenga and I did our Weekly Planning today (Due to Zone Conference) and it was nice. We then had Francis’ baptism with 2 children of record (1 child didn't come so she will get baptized later) and it was really sweet!! The spirit was so strong there, and the Sisters from Abura came to support us!!! In the rush of things we weren't able to take any photos :( but I will try to get another picture with Francis this next week. After Francis’ baptism we saw Sister Vida and Patience and finished Lesson 2 again for Sister Vida, and Patience asked good questions. Sister Vida told us that Brother Ninson was coming to church tomorrow, so that was exciting to hear. Then we found out Transfer News later that night.... Which I am Staying, with Elder Nsenga!!!! Party! Transfer #3  together so he will be my longest companion (close to Elder Hodson but he will pass him by two weeks) but we are excited! With that said 3 of the sisters are going on transfer, so we will receive two new Sister missionaries and Sister Johnny to be with Sister Ruskin, so our sisters are going to 6 now, so that will be interesting instead of 8. Oh and we are getting a new zone leader, one of my T.C.'s is coming, (Elder Edwards) so that'll be great.

Finally Sunday came around and Church was great. A miracle happened: Brother Ninson actually came to Church!! YES!! Major improvement. He seemed to really enjoy the teachings and the service, so no we are hoping to help him progress to a baptism date. (I will get a picture with him soon) Also Brother Francis was confirmed, and it was another spiritual moment for me, hearing the blessing from Brother Ampiah. After Church we had P.E.C. and that was nice, and then we saw Brother Otu and talked about Lesson 3. He is doing well, preparing for his daughter's weeding soon, so we will just take it small small and see what happens. After Otu, our other lessons fell through, but we did get some FuFu with Light Soup from Sister Sophia which was really nice. Sundays are hard because we can't go home after church for lunch (the distance is too far) so we just stay out and proselyte so we don't waste time. Sometimes I will buy a biscuit on Saturday and save it for Sunday so I can eat it after Church to keep me going
But that is all for this week!!! I hope that everything is going well for you all. My companion and I are excited for this next transfer, and I hope we can help all the people that we come in contact with feel the Savior's love. I love you all, and continue to pray for you. Have a great week!
Elder Harward

P.S. Here is a joke from a return missionary that I just loved. "What did the baby corn ask the mama corn? ..... "Where's POPcorn

Love you all!

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