Saturday, September 24, 2016

Only Pictures (Sorry) Cape Coast Zone before Transfers and me eating FuFu with Palm Nut Soup :)

The highlights for the week were Sister Florence and Ninson have a Baptism date for October 22d, ISaac Pentil is back and he has a date for October 8 along with a child of record, and I said  goodbye last Tuesday to all those leaving the zone. 

We are trying to work with the members more and are trying to do our best to seek referrals. That's about it haha for the highlights; sorry that this week wasn't a good email, but I loved the pictures, and everything, I am so grateful for everything that you do. I don't think I need anything haha. Tell mom and everyone I say hi, and that I love them, and sorry for my not responding, I hope that everything is well, and that you have a great week okay? :)
Elder Harward
P.S. Tell Katie that her email was wonderful. 

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