Sunday, August 7, 2016

Re: Simeo, The Spiders are finally dead, Transfer News( Now down to 2), and Forgiveness.

P.S. Yeah I killed two huge big spiders that have been haunting me forever. #Finally Free!!!! 
Hello Family and Friends! How are you all doing? I hope that all is going well for you! I also hope that you are enjoying the weather and getting lots of fun in the sun ha-ha :)
Okay so as for this week it was a really nice week,
Tuesday we had a combined District Meeting and Sister Ruskin instructed us, and it was on Charity and love. It was really good! I received some new insights from her instruction, and I thought about all of my companions. To all of them I say a BIG thank you for always showing me charity and for always treating well. Heavenly Father has always known which companion I need at the right time, and it's been pretty incredible for him to know that. So thank you all of my companions for helping me learn and grow. I know I needed the attributes that you have taught me. :) After District Meeting we got to eat FuFu (Yes!) and then we saw Francis and then we have 2 children of Record coming up this next month so we saw Brother Nyarko's daughter, so we just talked to her and said hi.

Wednesday was a nice day. We saw Sister Wood's Daughter Mary (She is one of the Children of Record) and that was nice. Then we saw some new people named Otu and Padmore (in Koful) so it was really nice. Also we taught Polycarp (Sister Millicent's Husband) He just came back from Upper East Region or Somewhere, and he is Roman Catholic and has O desire to change and it was like that throughout the lesson on Temples and Families. Sister Millicent is really struggling with him because he just drinks and vomits and sleeps and does that day after day and anyway it's pretty complicated but hopefully thinks will work out, so she can provide for her family.

Thursday we went to Simeo! We got to see Brother Evans who is a less active and he admitted it, but we had a good lesson with him sharing with him our favorite scriptures from the B.O.M. and it was sweet!

Friday was a little bit slower but we saw Louisa Quantson whom we thought was a child of record but she will get baptized next year so that's good!
Saturday was nice! We saw a Young woman named Ana who stopped because she loved our tags and wanted to get some so she can use them for her church. We told her honestly that we don't know about that information and explained our purpose to her and had a nice lesson with her; hopefully she prays about what we taught her. Then we saw Sister Vida and Mary and reviewed Lesson 1 with them. They are so great! I love them so much. They are a great family. Then we saw Francis Ampiah but he wasn't doing well and we didn't get too far in Lesson 3 when we just stopped. He wasn't feeling it and he seemed frustrated when we asked him why because his baptism is something we have been working on, so he just said okay to August but that's not the point. We want him to be baptized but we are also his friend so we want to help him to the best of our ability and really help in whatever his concern is so hopefully we can figure it out.

So that night we received Transfer new. Elder Kiiza is going so it will just be me and Elder Nsenga and then the 8 Abura Sisters. SO we are going to enjoy. I have never served in just a 2 man apartment but it will be great, and we will have some fun together Elder Nsenga and I :)

Sunday was a great day for me. The actual day was slow, and we only Saw Priscilla and we got over her concern of the Word of Wisdom and went in to Tithing small so that was good. But the really cool part for me was during Priesthood and Relief Society. President Thompson talked about Forgiveness. It was SO great! There has been some drama in relief society and on Sunday they just addressed it, and specifically two women shook hands at the end of it (I guess during the lessons they bring in their own personal problems into the lesson and it creates drama and everything) but a lot of people left in tears after that meeting, and it was really neat for me to see. I LOVE the concept of forgiveness and starting new.

 For me I am starting new this transfer and for my 20th birthday just to let my faults go and just follow Jesus Christ. To anybody who I have hurt I am really sorry and I hope that you can forgive me one day, and for me I am letting everything in the past stay there. I love you all so much, and I love forgiveness because it goes hand in hand with charity and with loving every body. Thank you to my companions for always forgiving me and for being kind to me. I love you guys so much! Thank you for all that you do! I hope that you all have a great week okay? Keep having lots of fun adventures :)

Elder Harward

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