Saturday, August 13, 2016

Elder Kiiza is gone and now we are Two!

Hello Family and Friends! So first off a shout out to Camille and Sam for getting engaged! :) I am so happy for you guys!!
We don't usually get around this way, but it was a fun ride while it lasted. 
This week it was a bit of a slower week.Tuesday was a nice day. Elder Kiiza was saying his goodbyes, so it was "his day" for what he needed to do, and who he wanted to say goodbye to.Then on Wednesday Elder Nsenga and I said goodbye to Elder Kiiza and that was sad (I have pictures, but I can't send my pictures for some reason, so hopefully next week. Sorry :(  He is a great guy, and I learned some really good things from him in our short time together. I also got to see the August group at the station: Elder Wightman, Elder Stulce, Elder Hannemann all those guys. They really were a great group. Some of my favorite people for sure, and I will miss them. After we dropped of Elder Kiiza Elder Nsenga and I headed to Ntranoa had some FuFu and saw Francis and we had a nice lesson with him on Lesson 3. 

Thursday and Friday were both pretty slow days. We saw Brother Otu again and talked about the Book of Mormon. Very intelligent man, reminds me of Dad. It was a good lesson, and he seems to be doing well. On Friday we saw Francis and talked about the Word of Wisdom. He was so open this lesson! (YES!!!) He really didn't like the whole no Coffee and tea thing, but it was nice because he was honest telling us how he liked Cowbell Coffee. We talked about the dangers of both and modern revelation and committed him to pray and talk to Brother Ampiah. Questions are (usually) always good because that means he really is learning and wanting to improve.
Saturday another slow day unfortunately, but we saw Samuel Dadzie and went through lesson 1 again (As he is a recent convert) He gets distracted so easily so it's hard to teach him but we managed to get through okay and then I gave him 1 cedi to go and get some Pollo (This woman made some hot ones of the bread and it was really good, so he was happy).

Sunday was fast Sunday and Elder Nsenga and I got to bless the sacrament. I haven't blessed in a long time so I was nervous, but it seemed to go okay. After that we had Branch council. We got some good direction for Francis and Priscilla so that was nice. We went to see Ana B (The woman who asked us about our tags)  and after that her mother joined us in for the lesson. Very intelligent again. Asked about American Indians and if they knew that they were descendants from Lehi (Never been asked that before) but it was a good lesson. We committed them to pray so hopefully they will do so.

That's all about it for the week! I turn 20 on Wednesday, I am so excited!!! :) This next week should be a better week, so things are going well here. Fun fact about Elder Nsenga is that he is 25 years old. So it's like I am with Katie because he is her age haha, so I told him when I turn 20 I will be in "The 20 club" so that will be fun!!!! I hope that you are all having a good week, and I am always praying and hoping the best for you! I love you all!
Elder Harward

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