Sunday, July 24, 2016

One of the most powerful moments I have had on my mission.

Hello Family and Friends! Being in a three-some has definitely been interesting. DR. Congo, Uganda, and the U.S. so all 3 of us are from different places so that's interesting.

Tuesday I was asked to speak about District Meetings and Companion Exchanges and what I learned from the Instruction. I enjoyed President Stevenson's Instruction (As usual when he talks) about Leadership in the Church, and he just said we get called and released. He really wanted us to get out of the mentality that "Oh I will be a leader my whole mission because I am a district leader or whatever" and that really got me. I thought to myself well I probably won't be a leader my whole mission, I just got to be who the Lord wants me to be, and be happy with that. That night, Elder Nsenga, Elder Kiiza, and I saw Francis Ampiah and we talked about the Book of Mormon. It was a sweet Lesson!! The spirit was really strong, and he is doing really well, and believes that we are sharing is true. (Super pumped!) We also met this new guy named Jacob and that was cool.

Wednesday- We had President Interviews. I got to actually go in the office for a bit and that was hard, because it was like being home and yet I felt uncomfortable because it wasn't home anymore, but I got to see the office gang again and that was nice :) We had to get a taxi back and we walked into Nkanfoa and that was hard, and I saw Francis and I just wanted to go and talk to him and say "Congratulations for your baptism on Saturday I am so excited for you!!!!" But I didn't, and it was really hard for me. But I also know that I wasn't supposed to be there for him anymore. Elder Simpson is supposed to help him, and he was the one that needed to be there, and I had to accept that fact. But I was really happy for him, and I know he is doing the right thing!

Thursday was a bit slower but we did see Priscilla! and we finished Lesson 2! She is doing really well!
Friday came around and we saw some new people namely two woman named Regina and Francisca. Then we saw Ninson (Vida's Husband). I LOVE this family. Like they are really great. They make me laugh, and we had a good time tonight with some dancing, and they are just great to be around. Vida and Ninson have 3 daughters. Mary, Patience (Both who are older and have two kids of their own. Mary lives in the same compound as the family and Patience lives in another compound near there but comes over a lot and then we have Small Mary. So Small Mary and Vida are Recent Converts, but we are working on Ninson and Patience since she was the one that brought the missionaries to the family) and Small Mary. But they are really sweet, and we had a nice lesson just talking about the Book of Mormon and he said that he just needs to come to church to really make a decision but he believes the Book of Mormon is true because it's "Simiple" (Progress!!) it was nice. Then we saw Francis Ampiah again and just read with him from the Book of Mormon in Alma 7 helping him understand that the B.O.M. will have significance in his life. It was a nice lesson.
Saturday we saw some of other investigators who we haven't seen in a while, and we saw Sister Woods little girl (She claims her to be her daughter since she took her in) And it was a nice lesson.
Sunday. I loved it. We saw some people who we haven't seen in a while and we had a couple of our investigators come to church and that was great! We even saw Priscilla Since she was sick, and we had a small lesson with her. Okay so small spiritual thought came when we taught Patience.. She used to be very serious in the discussions and with meeting with the missionaries. She even came to church 3 times. But before I came something happened, and she has been coming since. Well we sat down with her and we started over. Had a nice beginning and she was like "you want me to come to church right" But I said we want you and your family to be together forever and sealed in the Temple. It was a really great lesson. I loved when we got to Joseph Smith and just telling the first vision in his own words was so powerful and the spirit was so strong, and we committed her to pray right then (Because she said that she feels good about our church from the past visits when she came) and she did! She prayed to see if Joseph Smith really was a prophet of god, and I just really felt the spirit tell me that Yes, He really is a prophet. I don't know if she felt anything but I really felt the spirit there confirm at least to me that Joseph Smith really was a prophet of god. It was a neat miracle to me to see this lesson happen and my heart was touched. I love testifying about Joseph Smith and about Families. It really is so great.
One of the most powerful moments I have had on my mission. I know that the spirit touched her heart, I just hoped she listens, because at least I was touched.
Just one more thought that I had this past week. I have been feeling inadequate as far as I can't please everyone and that's hard for me to swallow. I want everyone to like me and I want to just be everything. And I came to myself on Thursday and I thought I just won't please everybody and that's OKAY. :) I can only be me. I hope that I am friends with my companions and the people here on mission but I know that I annoy people and I am not the perfect person so it's okay if people don't love me or like me. I will just show more love and do the best I can :)
Anyways I love you all. Have a great week!

Elder Harward

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