Friday, April 15, 2016

Sick Comp.

Hello Family and Friends! How are you all doing? I hope that you are all enjoying the wonderful spring weather going on in Utah! I hope that you are all doing well.

As for this week it was not a good week, so this probably won't be the most fun email to read but anyways here we go!

Monday was a nice P-Day.
Tuesday we had District Meeting (Where Sister Namutebi instructed) and Sister Fasu from Liberia gave a beautiful welcome testimony into the district, and then of course Elder Hodson and I did supplies. I love going to this Ghanaian woman's shop to get some supplies. She is so sweet! I'll have to get a picture with her and send it for you guys to see. Later we saw Christiana that night and we talked about her family history and the principle of patience. It was a good lesson.

Wednesday Elder Hodson and I did Weekly Planning a day early because Elder Hodson was going to Takoradi on Thursday. Later as we headed out to proselyte, everything fell through :( but Elder Hodson did talk to this nice woman as we were heading back to the mission home named A-hin-ewa and she actually called us back (Which was really cool) so she seems like she has some good potential.

On Thursday Elder Hodson went to Takoradi to get his Non-Citizen Card Renewed. (Every group goes right before they hit their one year mark, so they can stay for another year in the country and you get to meet up with all of your MTC's and have lunch. It's supposed to be really fun. I get to go this next transfer so that's cool!) Elder Griffin got to go as well because he lost his card, so he had to go get a new one as well, so Elder Reyes and I were together and it was great. I got to do some supplies in the office and organize our supplies and it was really nice. Elder Hodson came back that night and said he had a good time.
On Friday Elder Hodson and I did our supplies and afterward we had PEC where we talked about our Missionary Sunday which is coming up this next Sunday. It should be exciting, and we also talked about some other activities that we could do for the ward. We then saw Phillip and then we saw Edward and talked about the Restoration again (This time with a good translator, and it was much better).

Saturday/Sunday- Elder Hodson got really sick oooo. It started Friday evening. Elder Hodson just started getting a really bad migraine and it didn't stop. So we weren't allowed to go out. He then started to throw up and got really dizzy. He got some medicine from Sister Stevenson and I gave him a priesthood blessing, but he still wasn't getting better. Finally he was just sitting by the toilet and couldn't talk, and I called Sister Stevenson and she told me to get him to DIS so I did. They put him on an IV and gave him a shot and told him it was something to do with his throat, but he eventually was able to go home and they gave him some medicine. And we weren't able to go out Sunday either because Elder Hodson needed to rest. I am glad that he was able to get some rest, but it was sad to miss the sacrament. (It was my first time missing church and that was sad). BUT I was able to really think about how important going to church is, and how I really need to make sure that when the time comes when I am not on a mission, I need to make sure that going to church is a priority in my life.

But that's all for this week! This next week should be good so I am excited! I actually also got to print Elder Dieter F. Uchtodorf's talk and it's SO good! I hope that you all enjoyed General Conference. And I hope you all have a great week! I love you all so much!
Elder Harward

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