Saturday, April 1, 2017

Two Months Left

Hello Family and Friends!
I hope that you are all doing well! This past week we had Mission Tour and Finish Strong Meeting! It was really sweet! We are just trying to talk to as many people as we can in Asebu. It has been super great and I have learned a lot of good things! 
So our Group Goals for the May group our 75 Baptisms total then Averages  3.5 at Sacrament Meeting 4.5 with Baptism Date and 4 new investigators and as a group we are trying to give out 50 boxes of B.O.M. by the time we go home (So 2,000 Copies :) ) Yeah so it's like 10 per week and I have been trying to push that by 6 a day so that's cool! Oh I signed the shirt above Elder Day I put an arrow from him to me (Father next to him) and (Son) next to mine I am a proud son ha-ha and it happened next to be Elder Stulce so that was sweet!

WE HAVE NEW INVESTIGATROS!!! #so sweet! Ben, Esther, and Tina. President Interviews are this week and they should be great! I only have 2 months till I go home. Super weird, but let's not talk about that ha-ha.
Okay so you know the goal for the B.O.M. WE are supposed to give out t10 but we have been doing 6 a day and we got 27 placed this past week super sweet! 
Tina is a sweet woman and we are seeing her tomorrow, and we have a bunch of these small boys who come to church a lot so we are hoping for 4 on April 8th Ebenezer and his little brother, President's Son, and A Small boy named Kevin (That made me so happy when I heard his name :)) who stays with the Nyarko Family but we are going to follow up and see how long he will stay there. Ebenezer and President’s Son (Alex) came in their white shirts and Ties that we got them so I was happy. :)
Oh my companion's Birthday is next Monday and we have a district Activity at the Castle so it should be awesome!
I love you guys, have a great week!

Elder Harward

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  1. Love the photo of elder Maumau and you... Good work elders.