Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hello Family and Friends! One more month. 
We had a baptism on Saturday and Confirmation on Sunday for the 4 boys! (Ebenezer, Ernest, Godslove and Kelvin) They were so happy, and I got to perform the baptism. Cool Moment: Ebenezer he came into the bathroom as I was changing and he asked me, "Are you going to baptism me?" and I said "Yes I am." Then he said "Yes!!! with like the fist going down in excitement part. The baptism and confirmations went really well, and we got the boys a fabric tie and we still are trying to get two of them white shirts. Such a great weekend, and we still have some people we’re working with, so we shall see how it goes. Asebu is a sweet place for sure! Oh and we went to Abura Dunkwa on Sunday after our 2nd Service to Witness the Abura Dunkwa Baptisms and it was sweet: there were some cute kids that I got pictures of.
With that being said we got Transfer News on Saturday and Elder Kiiza and Elder Tillman got called to Train so they are opening up Abura Dunkwa into a 4 man and Elder Neville got called to be a Zone Leader (Super excited for him) and Elder Williams is leaving me. :(   It was a sad day, but also good because he is going to learn and grow with his new area. So my next companion is ... Elder Tupola! And Elder Johnson (The one I was companions with a while back) is in the apartment with us, so that's sweet! 
So yeah Elder Tupola! This guy is just awesome, like really. From the first few moments I thought to myself "Man I wish we could be companions for two transfers." He is From Utah, Sugar House to be exact and went to Highland High School. He played Football, Rugby, and Wrestling, so he is definitely strong. This is his 4 transfer on mission, so pretty young, but he is very humble and kind and just willing to work so I couldn't ask for a better last companion on my mission. Oh I forget to tell you he is also 19 years old and likes Musicals like the Sound of Music, so we were listening to some songs last night.
But yeah he is great, so we are excited for the work here in Asebu. Mostly we have just been vesting the members and getting him acquainted with everyone. We had some new people on Church on Sunday so that was really exciting, so we shall see what that entails for sure.
As for the Easter Holiday in ABK they had "Pink Friday" which basically is just, "Let's have a party and be stupid" nothing about Jesus Christ, which truly was sad. Satan really wants people to not focus on what really is important, so it was just meaningful for me to remember Jesus Christ even when the world doesn't really want to. Speaking of that I loved the Initiative #PrinceofPeace and I love that the Savior is the Prince of Peace. It reminds me of my favorite Hymn #129 Where Can I turn for Peace. It really is comforting to know that Jesus Christ is the ultimate source of that peace, and as we rely upon Him, we can find truly and lasting happiness, by doing His will.
Have a great week!
Elder Harward

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