Monday, September 7, 2015

Saying goodbye to Elder Day and hello to Elder Tyson

Hello Family and Friends!

Wow, these past weeks have been crazy, and I apologize for last week: My time got cut from the Internet Cafe and I tried to come back last Tuesday, but the light was out, so I had to wait until today, but everything is going well over here.

So Swedru Week 10- This week was a weird and a sad week all at the same time. After Elder Day and I emailed we went to the Atta Family's house for FHE and it was really great. SO that night Elder Day and I come home and we were just chilling and talking to the other Elders in our apartment when Elder Day gets a call from the assistants that he was being transferred to the office on Friday. Crazy right? I was surprised. I thought we would finish training before he got transferred but the Lord needs him there and he is going to be the mission secretary in about 4 weeks after Elder Stoddard goes home, so President Stevenson wanted him to learn all the duties so he could be ready by Friday. This was crazy to all of us because we knew Elder Hekking was going home on Thursday due to medical reasons, so from Thursday to Friday our apartment went from 4 men to 2 men and that was crazy. So this week Elder Day and Elder Hekking were saying goodbye to people and making sure people were prepared for them to leave. When I had to say goodbye to both of them, it was bitter sweet, because it's hard to see people go, but I know that the Lord has plans for Elder Day in the Office as well as Elder Hekking with life at home, as well as for us.
Last time together and an exchange of a tie.

 The Lord knew that for my last 2 weeks that my Companion Elder Tyson and I needed to be together. So yeah Elder Tyson and I are companions and we will be together for about 1 more week as companions and then we are getting new companions, and right now we are in charge of 2 areas! So we are busy, but it's all good and I am learning so much form him and he is a great guy. He is from Ghana and he knows Twi and Fante really well, so I am trying to pick up some from him and he is really funny.
Swedru Week 11- As for this week, Elder Tyson and I spent our first week together and I have learned so much from him. For Sundays we have been to both Sacrament meetings, so we had church from 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. It's pretty intense, but I learn so much from church and 3rd ward is a great area and the people are so friendly as well.

Straight Outta Swedru

 Elder Tyson and I have been splitting up the days between his area and mine and it has been great to learn from him, and his area is really sweet! Elder Tyson got the call this week that he will be instructing for zone Conference this next week, and I am excited for him because he will be great!

 So this next week is also the transfer calls, so we shall see what happens, but Elder Tyson and I are thinking that this next week that we are just getting new companions, but we shall see. Transfers can be crazy as I have seen so far haha. That's all for these 2 past weeks! I hope you guys are doing well and I pray for you all, that you are all doing well. Stay strong, and I will talk to you soon! :)
Elder Harward

Elder Tyson's awesome Jollof!

I'm not sure what to caption here. Any ideas?

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