Thursday, September 17, 2015

New Trainer Assignment

Hello Family and Friends! I am so excited to be writing to you again this week, and I am so grateful for all of the letters that you guys have written me. Thank you! This week has been a great week, and I have  been edified and have learned so much from being out here.

 Monday night Elder Tyson and I went to the Edem Family's house for FHE, but we got lost. We tried to figure it out,  but I don't know 3rd ward as well as Elder Tyson and it was really dark,  so we had to take a taxi and ended up by getting off at the wrong spot, so we had to call a brother from the ward and he came with us to help and eventually Brother Edem came and found us haha! Once there we gave a lesson on the atonement by using and object lesson with candy: one person does push ups and the other people choose whether they take the  candy or not? So Brother Edem did the push ups and the his children were just laughing. We talked about the Savior, and how he atoned for us. Now it's up to us whether we take the atonment in our lives every single day or if we waste it. Afterwards we had some nice Bonku, which was good!
Transfer News! So on Tuesday Night and I received an unexpected call from an unknown number.  I picked it up and the person said, "Hello Elder Harward this is Elder Mocke." I said hi knowing he is one of the assistants, and I really wasn't processing why he was calling me until he said , "So this is on behalf of President Stevneson" That's when my heart dropped and he told me that... I am going to train! WOW!  I was so shocked, I had no idea and was speechless for a while;  but I said  I accepted
The new trainers
the call and would be at the meeting on Friday. There are 26 or so new missionaries coming into the mission so that means according to president Stevenson,  52% of the mission will be in training starting on Wednesday. Crazy right? in fact 8 of my MTC group who just finished training will be training this  transfer!

So on Friday I departed for Cape Coast for the Trainer's Meeting! I had to take a Tro Tro all by myself to Winneba and there I met up with Elder Kano,  Elder Wadsworth,  and Sister Naumbeti (who are also training) The ride was very nice, and I love looking at the view of Africa. The scenery is so great so every time we ride in a tro tro I look at the green trees noting how Ghana is such an incredible place! So finally we arrived at the Olla Chapel in Cape Coast and I met with my other MTC's who were also training and we talked small. Then after we talked small we all had lunch. Again another great lunch, with Jollof and Chicken this time and I was definitely satisfied. After lunch then we had the instruction and it was SO good. One point I would like to mention (President Stevneson also mentioned this at zone conference) was 2 triangles:  (Sorry it's better if drawn out) One normal and the other upside down. So take the normal triangle and put an arrow going up to the top of the triangle to the point and that's like the boss and everybody underneath makes the boss look good (so like the world's view). Now take the upside-down triangle and start at the point and draw an arrow going to the bottom. At the point is the Savior Jesus Christ and Thomas S. Monson,(this is the Church's view) and really the arrow going down is service so the boss really is trying to help and serve everyone. President Stevenson put us on the bottom and told us how we are being served and how we are serving right now; and that we aren't the "boss" in the companionship but that we are there to really serve to together and work together as a companionship and that our calling as Trainers was really an additional way to serve. Really cool right? I love that! The meeting was really great, and I took notes (Of course, because I'm nervous).
On Saturday the Stake President Spoke as well as our Zone Leaders about working with members. After the meeting all the elders went to the chop bar and there I had some nice FuFu with Palm Nut soup and it was delicious, haha although this time the soup seemed a lot hotter than normal, but it was all good! So Saturday is the day of the transfer news so I wasn't nervous because I had already received my news on Tuesday, but I was really excited to hear about Elder Tyson. Come to find out, he was called to be a new zone leader. Later we all went to the local chop bar called Secret Corner (They really like us, and they are super great!) and discussed how he is going to Proso. I am really happy for him. I know that he will be a great Zone Leader.
On Sunday, Elder Tyson and I had Sister Yaa's Baptism (for 3rd ward) during investigators class and she was confirmed during the 3rd ward service and I got to stand in the circle. That was really neat and I was super excited and happy for her. After Church Elder Tyson was saying goodbye and taking pictures with all of the members and that was really great.
That's all for this week! So I've been out for 3 months now. Crazy right? But the work is great here, and the people are awesome. I hope and pray for the best for all of you. I hope you all have a great week, and I will talk to you soon, about all of my fun adventures getting a new companion and training him as well.  Until then stay Strong. :)
Elder Harward

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