Saturday, September 26, 2015

New Companion

Hello Family and Friends!
Another week has passed and this week has definitely been interesting and great. I hope you are enjoying the nice cool weather. Is it getting colder over there. Haha Ghana is heading into the dry season now so it's starting to getting hotter, and it's supposed to hit it's peak in December so it will be interesting to see what that is like.
Monday and Tuesday Elder Tyson and I were able to see some last-minute ward members in 3rd Ward before he leaves and Sister Belinda even made us food which was really nice. (I can't remember the name but it's like Bonku) 
Wednesday rolled around and it was hard to see Elder Tyson go because he was a great guy and I learned a lot from him, but I was excited to get my new companion as well! 
So Elder Larsen (Our Zone Leader) and I spent some of the day together, and later in the afternoon we got a call from Elder Kano saying that the tro heading to Swedru left about 10 minutes ago so they should be there shortly. That's when I got really nervous. I was nervous throughout the day, but when we headed to the station my heart was pounding. So Elder Larsen and I got to Texaco and we waited for 5 minutes and then Elder Bowmah (Our new zone leader) spotted us and took us over to the tro where I met my new companion and the new elders for Swedru 3rd ward.
So my companion is.... Elder Montgomery! He stepped off the tro and said, "Hey,  you're my trainer." He must recognized me from my picture. We got all of their stuff into 2 taxis and headed to nine-nine junction where we stay. I showed all of them the apartment and showed them around and I helped Elder Montgomery with his bags and put them in our room. After we dropped the bags we talked a little bit about the area  and about ourselves and then we headed out. So Elder Montgomery is from Bountiful Utah. He played Rugby, football, sang in choir, did some acting, and wants to become Biochemical Engineer. So pretty well rounded guy with big plans! 
Elder Montgomery
OH and I forgot to mention...... he is going to Liberia right after training. Crazy right?? Yeah so the Liberia mission just barely re-opened and they are trying to figure everything out with housing. Eight missionaries got re-assigned. Four are here in Cape Coast Mission and 4 are in Accra West Mission. They leave December 8th for Liberia, so I will be Elder Montgomery's only companion here in Ghana, which is pretty cool. I hope he enjoys these 3 months we have together. He is is excited to learn and it is great to learn from him. I know the Lord put him here for these 3 months and with me for a reason. So the first night I took the 3 new elders (our apartment is all new except for me) around Swedru and show everyone where the boundaries are, but I was only in 3rd ward for 2 weeks, so I didn't know it too well but I tried my best to show them around and help them figure things out.
Elder Montgomery and his MTC companion
The rest of this week was really great! Elder Montgomery and I went through training and he actually was able to commit a girl named Amy to be baptized! She stays by our chapel and her mother sells kelewele and we invited her to church and she came. So we talked with her and Elder Montgomery gave her a baptismal date and I hope all works out for her. As for  Paa Joe and Vida we talked to them again and introduced them to my new companion and really committed them to their marriages (to get them done) so they both can be baptized. We also went around and showed Elder Montgomery the members and where they stayed and he got to know them and that was really great. Our Area is going really well and I hope to help Elder Montgomery enjoy and love the people for the small time that he his here. 
Swedru Stadium
 On Monday we had a Zone Activity at Swedru Stadium and we played American Football and we had some fan ice afterwards. My companion actually caught 3 passes for the other team in American Football and they all called him the MVP, so he is pretty legit. I actually got sunburned from the sun so I look like a tomato right now. Training is different for sure and I am learning a lot just from this first week.I know that the Lord has a purpose for me training at this time and for Elder Montgomery being here at this time and I hope to continue to learn and grow from this experience But everything is going well over here ! I hope you guys are doing well, and I will talk to you next week! Stay strong!

Elder Harward

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