Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hello Family and Friends! How are you all doing? I hope you all celebrated the New Year well and everything is going great for you.

Okay so as for this week it was a good week. I will try to spare you all the boring stuff and get to the interesting stuff of the week.

So on Tuesday Elder Barfuss arrived from the Accra West Mission. He is from Oregon and he is 19 months out on his mission. He is very excited to learn this area and he is a great addition to our companionship. So that day we actually saw Paa Joe before we saw Elder Barfuss and that was great. WE talked about the temple and eternal marriage and he enjoyed it, and it was a great lesson.
Elder Barfuss, Me, and Elder Jones
Wednesday was a good day- had some ups and downs, and it was kind of slow but eventually we went to our ward end of the year party! (The 3rd ward Elders came as well) and that was a lot of fun! We did some dancing and I ate some fried rice and that was nice.

On Thursday we had New Year’s Eve. And it was a slow day but we saw Martha, and that was great. That night we had 3rd Wards End of Year Party and we went to that one as well, and they did theirs a little different. They did some speeches about 2015 and what goals they have for their ward in 2016 and it was really cool! Then we went home and just played some games ha-ha!

Some of the kids dress up for a chicken festival
Friday came and 2016 began! Woot New Year! So it was another slow day but we did saw Charles (Who was drunk) and we addressed his drinking problem and he actually got mad at me during the lesson because I was just listening to him and then I talked to him about faith in Christ and then he said I don't talk (So I didn't get that, but when he is drunk he says some interesting things) After that we saw Alex and reviewed law of chastity and word of wisdom and that was nice, and he is doing well.
One of the investigators we are teaching
 Saturday was a good day! We committed Bianca to February 20th for baptism and that was exciting. She is doing okay. But she hasn't come to church so that will be our next goal, and she realizes that she can't be baptized without coming to church so that' cool. That night the 3rd ward Elders invited us for FuFu at their member’s home and it was SO good. I included some pictures of it :)

Sunday was church and now we are in the morning service. Paa Joe came to church late but it was nice to see him come :) After church we actually bumped into a potential investigator named Mustahpa an d we went to his house and he was just super excited to learn and he told us about his drinking problem (which was nice that he told us flat out ) and we committed him to February 20th for baptism as well! Sweet! He actually is a Muslim so we will have the zone leaders meet him soon (We have to follow certain rules for teaching Muslims).
Sometimes we act a little goofy to stay sane out here
 But that's all for this week, except Stella didn't come to church again so she won't make the 16th but hopefully we can push her back to a date to when she will be ready and when she can come to church. That's all from here in Africa. I hope you all have a great year and continue to follow Jesus Christ. I love you all! :)
Elder Harward

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