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Service Project, In-Grown-toe Nail, and New Mission Boundries

Hello Family and Friends! I hope you are preparing yourself for Thanksgiving and I hope you are all enjoying the cold weather! Thank you all SO SO much for your letters and support, it really means a lot to me.

How we get around: by tro tro
This week we went to Brother Fred's house with the 3rd Ward Elders and we had FuFu with Light Soup. Ha-ha it was really good but I had some cuts on my hands from hand washing so it was a little difficult for me to put my hands into the hot soup but it still was very good! In the lesson I talked about Alma Chapter 5 verse 26. I really have been thinking a lot about this scripture and it's a pretty famous scripture. This is Alma the Younger speaking and is the High Priest over the Church, and he just gave up his judgment seat to go forth and preach repentance unto the people because they are not being too righteous. He says in verse 26 "And now behold, I say unto you my brethren, if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?" I LOVE this scripture. I taught them how this scripture how it really applies to all of us. We need to continue progressing in the gospel and if we have felt a change of heart in our lives, we need to continue to have that change of heart, and desire to do no evil, but really having a desire to follow Jesus Christ always. I also should be striving always to continue to change my heart and to follow the savior, and that it's not just for these 2 years but every single day I need to continue to have a change of heart for the rest of my live and really do the will that Heavenly Father asks of me.
Getting a haircut. Mom couldn't have done it better.

This week was my first Service Project since I have been out here so I was really excited to go! So our apartment left early in the morning (7:00) and we headed to Akwomokrom and met the other Elders at the chapel and then we started walking to the place. Elder Larsen (One of our Zone Leaders) explained that there was this really old guy who is a member but he can't walk to well and can't come to church and he would like some help with his yard and cleaning it up. So we got to walk to his house. But his house was pretty far ha-ha! We walked out for about half an hour from Akwomokrom! We were joking that the Zone Leaders were making us walk to Winneba (I hope you have a map) but eventually we arrived and we cleaned up this old man's yard. He tried to give us money and he eventually forced it into Elder Larsen’s hand and he said a nice prayer. After the service project we went to an investigator and she was making us FuFu with Light soup! Yummy. So we were excited but she was a little behind, so we sat in the shade, but turns out there is a school right by her home and all these kids started coming around us and then I started to chase the kids (They are afraid of Abrunis) but after that the kids started to chase... ME! Ha-ha it was SO fun! And there were at least 200 of them chasing me and then we played some games with them with the other elders and it was really fun. Finally we had the delicious FuFu with Light soup.

Elder Harward and his Zone leaders
Getting some love from the Zone Leaders
On Friday Elder Montgomery and I traveled to Cape Coast! Fun! We actually went to DIS (Doctors In Service) for them to look at my ingrown toe nail. I tried digging it out myself (and if you are lucky you can get it without getting your toe infected) but my toed got infected. So I took some antibiotics but the doctor wants to see it in a week so we shall see ha-ha but I am doing well still! Funny thing was that Elder Day Elder Kiplinger and Elder Stole picked us up. I haven't seen Elder Day for a little while and it was cool to see him again, and they took us to Medallion Pizza and we had chicken pizza which was really good.
Cape Coast
Saturday we helped the Zone Leaders find a pig guy so we can have a pig for our zone activity and then we went to Bishop Wallace’s (Bishop of 3rd ward) father’s funeral and he wanted all the missionaries to attend. So we did and we were there to offer support and encouragement. After the funeral service Elder Montgomery was not feeling well at all and it wasn't looking good, so we went home and I called some people and made sure it he was okay. Then I did some cleaning, and slept for a small time while he was trying to rest and make sure he was okay. He got better enough to attend Steven’s baptism for 3rd ward and we had a great time seeing this new member so happy!
On Sunday we watched General Conference!!!! We only got to watch it small but it made Elder Montgomery and me really happy!!! I am hoping to read it all because we only got through 5 talks in English and the first part was in Fanta so I didn’t understand Jeffery R. Holland :( but I am going to try and read all of it . After that we meet with a guy named Isaac for the first time and that was really cool and then Elder Montgomery and I headed to Sister Vida and Theolopus for Jollof and we helped her cook it and it was SO good! We had a small lesson on the plan of salvation after that just up to Adam and Eve and the fall but it was so good!

Elder Harward and Elder Montgomery

Okay so as for Mission News here we go: As of January 20th 20`16 the Accra West Mission will take over the Winneba Stake and its areas. So basically the cape Coast mission is getting a little smaller and the Accra West Mission is getting brighter. I forwarded a message from President Stevenson to my parents if you want to look at it and what it says. But basically our whole zone will be splitting up to new areas for sure in January so that is sad but also exciting because President is opening up new Ares and the work is going to be so great! It will be sad to leave Swedru but I know it’s the Lords will and I am grateful that I get to serve and love all of the people hear and I can't wait to see where I can help more people next.

Elder Montgomery and I are doing well! He is as great guy, and our companionship has grown so much these weeks and we are having so much fun together during the work. IT will be sad to see him go but I know he will be a great instrument in the hands of the Lord.

This is how we get around. But I wish

That is about it for this week. I hope you are all doing well. I love you all and continue to pray for you all. Stay strong!


Elder Harward

Hello Family and Friends! I hope all of you are doing well, and I appreciate all the letters you send me.

P.S. We also had interviews, one person at a time met with President Stevenson. It was a really great interview and instruction session and I learned a lot. Oh, and on Sunday we had 3 investigators come to church. Paa Joe his soon to be wife Abina, and Matilda. (We actually saw Paa Joe at his shop before he came so small small hopefully he will start to not work on the Sabbath). Unfortunately Vida's baby Marion got burned on her leg due to some hot water, so that's why she wasn't there today but after church we went over to her home and made sure she was okay and she is doing much better! One more thing: On P-Day we had a ping pong tournament and I got 2nd place, pretty cool right?

So that's all from Swedru here in Ghana! I hope you are all doing well and that everything is going well. I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Harward

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