Sunday, November 1, 2015

Beach Rugby, Missionary Work, and Pizza in Africa.

Hello Family and Friends!
 I hope that you are all doing well, and I hope you are enjoying the weather. It feels weird that we are here in November because it still feels like June but the work here is going well.

Okay so this week a slow one. On Monday we had a Zone Activity at Winneba Beach and it was a lot of fun! I actually played some Rugby on the beach although I wasn't good at it, but it was fun! And I actually got a little sunburned and wet but it was fun! Don't swimming. I will send pictures of that event all through this letter. That night our FHE with the LA woe’s fell through due to some miscommunication.

On Tuesday we had District meeting and received great instruction from Elder Wightman (our District Leader. I'll get a picture of him and his companion soon) He talked about Hymn #335 Brightly Beams our Father's Mercy comparing how we are the lower lights along the shore and how we need to help all those we can make it safely to the harbor. We should keep our lights on so that we may always be a representative of Jesus Christ. Elder Montgomery and I also attended Ward Council where we made a Progress Record and made photo copies so the ward council members could see our progress and goals as missionaries.

On Wednesday our Quorum President Brother Charles had some referrals for us (Awesome right?) and we went to their houses and met one (Kolby) and we set up a time for Friday. We also did a service project for the Kick Polio out of Ghana Campaign. So we volunteered this last Sunday­­­­­ to go around to people and let them know that if they have children 5 years and younger they qualify for the free Polio vaccine at the health center. We also went to Dannie’s house and we saw his Mother and she said we could start teaching the family together, so we set up a time for Saturday and that was awesome.

On Thursday after Weekly Planning Elder Montgomery and I went out to Happy Home. We really wanted to see this guy named Bright (who was taught by Elder Collings and Elder Day) and we tried calling him, but unfortunately we couldn't reach him, and we don't know where he lives yet, so we weren't able to meet with him. But as we went to Happy Home there was this SWEET old woman who sells fruit and she is so great! Her name is Mama Abina (In Ghana you call everyone your mother if they are older than you, but if they are around your age you call them Sister) So Mama Abina is really sweet and she always gives us extra fruit even when we pay her very little. She reminds me of Grandma! She can't speak English at all but we speak to her small and she tries to call a translator over for us so we can have a full conversation, and it is so great. (I will try to get a picture with her because she is great!) So we are in Happy Home and we drop of a Book of Mormon at Hannah's house and some chocolate (We made a promise we would bring her some) but she wasn't home so we gave it to her brother but eventually we did have a lesson with Linda (Did I mention her?) She lives by Brother Billy and is in S.H.S., so last year of High School and she is a very active member in her church but is willing to learn, and seems excited. We went over with her Lesson 3 due to her concerns on the Sacrament and how we perform baptisms and it was a good lesson! 

As for Friday it was another slow day but we did have some success! We went with Brother Charles to Visit Kolby and unfortunately he wasn't home, and we tried his other referral and that person wasn't there, so that was sad. But he is a great guy and he tells us that he will keep looking for people for us to teach, and that we can use him if we need to, and that is so great! So after that Elder Montgomery and I picked up Brother Frank and we went to See Paa Joe and his Wife Abina and that was really exciting. We reviewed with them Lesson 1, (except for Abina because this was the first time she was taught, because she doesn’t speak or understand English at all, so Brother Frank was a BIG help). And it went really well, and they seemed to understand it well. Then Elder Montgomery and I traveled back to Happy Home because Hannah called and was happy for the gift and she wanted to meet with us again, so we asked if tonight was okay and she said yes. So we go over to Happy Home and we are about an hour or so early so we explored Happy Home area for a bit, because it's pretty big. While there we walked left as far as we could and we met Ellen who knows Sister Gabriella and knew Elder Collins and Elder Day and that was exciting for us because she seems to be a good potential investigator Then we traveled back to the junction where Hannah and Sister Gabriella’s place is, and we traveled to the right as far we could but we couldn't get far because of a dog kept growling at us and he looked very s\serious so we were only able to see one person, and she was very sweet to us. So finally we meet with Hannah and she actually fed us with rice and stew and that was nice. SO while we are eating Hannah turns on the televisio and guess what? Lost comes on! *(crazy right) This is the Season 3 finale where Charlie dies and it was towards the end and it was sad, but it made me think that I would start that series over when I get home ha-ha! Anyways eventually we get to the lesson and turned the TV to silent (Hannah didn't want it off) and we did Lesson 1. Elder Montgomery and I thought it was a great lesson! We really felt that our teaching style and flow between points really allowed the spirit to be here, however... she was totally disconnected. She was lying down and she didn't want to kneel for the prayers and really didn't seem like she wanted to learn and that was sad (She is very active Pentecost member) we invited her to church and she said no, which was surprising. It was that straightforward because most people will lie to you but it was good she was honest, but it's really sad to her interest in the gospel decrease. So we are giving her one more shot before we stop because she is not progressing at this time but hopefully things will work out.

On Saturday Elder Montgomery and I took Florence (A member in 3rd ward) to go with us to teach Daniel and his family and it was a great lesson! We went over lesson 1 with them and  gave them the Book of Mormon and Abigail (the Mother) was really excited and seemed  very interested in learning about the gospel and her children are so great as well and have potential to grow as well in the gospel. We have Daniel (15) Enoch (12) Sarah (8) Moses (5) and Elizabeth (1 year old) and they have really great potential. Their father doesn’t live with them and I am not sure why but they are a great family and we committed them to read and pray and Abigail gave a great prayer at the end of the lesson so that was awesome! After that l­­­­­esson we saw Bismarck (who was a referral from the Zone Leaders) and he actually works across from Paa Joe and we had no idea! He is very excited to learn and read all of the Pamphlet the zone Leader’s gave him and wanted more and we gave a lesson 2 pamphlet and we promised to give him Book a Mormon on Sunday when we meet him again and he seems like he has great potential!

So on Sunday we have church, and Elder Montgomery and I go to Lord's house to pick him up. (We have been trying to meet with him all week since the drunk night but it was unsuccessful and he wasn't home) and he wasn't home, so that was sad but we picked up Brother Frank and went to chruch We had 3 investagators attend church: Vida, Abina, and Matilida (we actually gave Matilida a Book of Mormon and told her we would like to meet and start teaching her but we need the mother’s permission, so we are just waiting on that for now), and that was exciting, but we have some work to do. It's exciting to at how much we can learn and grow. So after church we were supposed to see Sister Vida and Theolopus on our usual day but Theolopus was working and Vida was going to Wawa’s to see her Mother so Elder Montgomery and I went home and had lunch, and then went to see Bismarck, We told him we wanted to meet him at the chapel and we saw him as he was closing his brother's shop and we gave him the Book of Mormon and wrote our information down and he said he would be at the chapel. SO we go to the chapel and we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. And then it's 6; 45 and we go down to see if he needs any help but we get down there and the shop was closed, so we got back to the chapel and waited, and finally at 7:00 we decided to go home because we knew he wasn't coming, and that was sad, but we will follow up and find out where he lives so we can personally go there instead. Although while we were waiting Elder Montgomery and I were telling each other jokes and that was fun! So Elder Montgomery and I close our day and week and we talked about what these first 6 weeks were like and what we could improve on, and we made goals and we are pumped for these next 6 weeks and they should be great!  Then we went to the zone Leaders’ house\ small to celebrate Elder Larsen’s 21st birthday! It was fun and we had some brownies and then we headed home.

Today is Monday Yay! and we did our wash and cleaned the apartment small. For Lunch Elder Wightman wanted to go to Rayna’s restaurant (his first name is Ryan) so he could take a picture with the sign and the sign looked like it had..... PIZZA!!!!!! And it did!!!!! So I got the Chicken Pizza, and it was SO good! I mean it's not like at home but for pizza it was pretty good, and I enjoyed it. 

 Now that we are in November the Liajona will come out and I can read the General Conference talks and I am SO excited just because there is so much that I need to improve on, and learn. I really have been trying now to really rely upon the Lord because I get stressed sometimes and I think what can I do to make it better? But I haven't relied upon the lord (Elder Wightman gave me that great advice) and it is so true, and I really want to improve on that, because as I do so I know that the Lord will help me through all of life’s difficult moments, so always turn to Him. Because we need not be alone, and as we are humbled and turn to Him he will help us and encircle us in his arms of love. One of my favorite hymns right now Is Where Can I Turn for Peace. The lyrics are so powerful and they mean a lot to me, and maybe they will help you guys out as well.  Well that is all from hear in Swedru! I hope you are all doing well and are enjoying life, and the weather. Keep me updated on all of your fun adventures! I love you all! Until next week! Stay Strong,
Elder Harward

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