Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Monday August 3rd

Hello Family and Friends!

So I am officially done with my first transfer, and half way through my training. This past transfer has just flown by and I am so glad that I get to be here on my mission and serve. So Twi word of the week is "Kwame" which means Saturday. A lot of people in Ghana will ask you for your name and one way you say your name is the day you were born. So I was born on Saturday and I would tell them Kwame, and they laugh and smile. It's pretty cool. :)

This week has been great and it went by so fast. Tuesday after district meeting Elder Day and I were finally able to meet with Sister Vida again and we went over Lesson 2 on the Plan of Salvation and it was really good, and she is doing really well. We also meet with Teresa again (The one I gave the pamplet on the way to Paa Joe's a while back) and we went over the restoration. She is doing well, and we are hoping she will come to church soon. That night we met with Anita who is 15 year old girl, (Although she really looks like 20 no joke, and Elder Day and I were suprised when she told us her age), and we set up a time when we can meet with her again and told her about mutual! On Wednesday we had mutual again in our ward and Sister Stella (Young Woman President) asked if we could teach the lesson, so we said yes. I was pretty nervous but the lesson went well and it was on the importance of temple ordinances. I talked about Katie and Eric and their sealing and how it was the crowning Ordinance in the temple and our temple recommend is a symbol of our worthiness; it was great. After Mutual we had PEC (Priesthood Executive Committee) and that was really good because we didn't have one the past few weeks. The one thing that really stood out to me from what we wrote down was that almost all the people need a fellowshipper. Everybody needs a friend, and it's so important that they feel loved and wanted at church, and that's something I wish I was better at when I was home.

Thursday and Friday were kind of slow but we were able to meet with Alex and that was really good. He is doing really well; in fact we saw him on Saturday as well and we have been able to teach him a lot. We are hoping he will make the 15th of August so I will keep you updated on that. :) Also we saw Sister Lawe on Thursday and checked up on her (Her family is a little less active). She actually got malaria so that's not too nice, so we have just been checknig up on her and showing our love for her. Oh on Friday I got a nice suprise when I came home as I received my package from my family and letters from my friends, and that was really nice and I loved both the package and the letters. :) Thank you guys so much! On Saturday Elder Day and I went with the young men and women to go running at 5:00 in the Morning. It was fun to run again, (although I am out of shape) and it was cool because I've never run in Africa before, so that was great! We ran all the way to the chapel and did a small workout and then cleaned the chapel after the workout. It was nice! So they young men and woman are doing that every Saturday so we are going to join them, and hopefully I will get better haha! That night we were able to meet with Alex, and actually meet with a less active young woman named Belinda. We are starting to teach her the lessons again and are encouring her to come to mutual and chruch again, so we are hoping. Saturday was also the Transfer Call Day. Elder Day and I were not worried (because we knew we would stay due to me being in training), but the other set of missionaries, Elder Tyson and Elder Nwatah, were a little nervous because on Tuesday Elder Tyson got the call that he was going to be training and went to the trainer's meeting on Friday. So we all knew that Elder Nwatah was leaving. He is being trasferred to Cape Coast as a District Leader and he will be good! Sunday was so awesome! Elder Day and I weren't able to meet with Brother Paa Joe this past weeek and when we tried calling him his phone was off, so we didn't expect him to come to church (we usually remind him the night before) but he showed up all by himself and remembered. It was SO powerful! It really touched me that he really wants to draw closer until this gospel and is really trying. He even took notes during priesthood on how to confirm somebody after baptism, haha he is such a cool guy!

Yesterday for P-Day we had a district activity and that took up a lot of time so I wasn't able to email until today. We made our own FuFu with Palm Nut (AbenKwine) soup, and we watched the Saratov Approach. It was great, and the Fufu was nice. Some of the elders after the movie were joking with me because I'm new and they told me not to get kidnapped haha. I told them that I wasn't too worried because Elder Day is tough and could probably take them (remember the bruises?) But Ghana is a really safe place, so I'm not too worried and we just continue to rely on the Lord and we will be okay. :) That night we went to Brother Fred's house and had more FuFu. I was still full after our district meeting, so it was a little tough but I tried my best haha. As for this week I have just really been reflecting on the Savior's Atonement and how grateful I am for it. He went through so much pain and anguish that He bled from every pore. Sometimes I think what I am going through is hard but then I think of Him and His love and devotion. I am paying such a small price, and the heartache or the pain is temporary and He understands it all, and it really just amazes me at how when I rely upon Him, I am happier and how grateful I am for his love. Last night I just looked at how beautiful Ghana is and I really had forgotten what a great place this is and how wonderful I get to be here and serve, and I felt my Savior's love and knew that He cares for me and loves me. It's something that I am really working on, and I feel happy when I continue to serve and really lose myself, and look towards the Savior and it is such a blessing to be here. I hope that you all have a great rest of the week and continue to be strong, and I'll talk to you on my birthday. Isn't that cool? :) Alright until, then stay strong!

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