Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Monday August 17th,

Hello Family and Friends!
It's so great to hear from you all, and I am so greatful for your emails and all the detail that you put in them. :) Thank you so much! Alright so the word of the week I decided to change because it's actually the word my Dad sent me and I really thought about it and it seemed really right to use it, so it's "Kaeme" which means Remember Me. That seems so fitting for what happened this week and for what I have been feeling for Heavenly Father's love for all of His children.

Monday was a great day and the best birthday present I had was being out here in Ghana, and it was so great. On Tuesday this week we had our first district meeting as a new district with Elder Larsen, Elder Sithole, and Elder Hekking being the new Elders in our district. It was a great meeting, and I learned a lot; however I was really excited when district meeting was over to find 2 packages for me from Grandma! Thank you grandma. :) It was great! After district meeting we went to a chop bar and I had FuFu which was really good! Okay so the rest of the week we really focused on Brother Alex and helping him, so he would be ready for his interview, and guess what? He passed! It was so great and saturday was a special day. To see him get baptized was so cool, and I was really touched by what he said to me after the baptism. HE said, "So we're friends" and I said, "Of course, Forever." It really touched me to see him come unto this gospel and I hope to stay in contact with him and to really see his progression in the gospel. The spirit was so strong and it was a great night.

After the baptism we played extreme ping pong and it was Father against Son, so Elder day and I faced each other. So the game of ping pong is the same but whoever loses turns around and the other person gets a free shot at the person's back. Haha...I got 4 welts! So yes, I lost but it was fun. After that we stayed around the chapel for 3rd ward Drama Night. I got to praticipate in musical chairs and a dance competition. On Sunday Brother Alex was confirmed a member and received the Aaronic Priesthood. I loved it. I just really have been thinking about how much Heavenly Father loves us all and wants us all to come back. Maybe we can be the instrument to help them come back. "Remember Me....Kaeme." I hope to try and remember all of God's children and really love them. I hope you all have a great week. Sorry this is so short but I love you all. Stay strong! I'll talk to you soon.
Elder Harward

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