Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello Family and Friends!
How are you all doing? I hope that everything is going well! So twii word of the week is Abruni which means Whiteman haha, and you see why I choose this word later. So this week has been a slower week due to the meetings we went to but it was a great week! So Tuesday we went to Winneba and had interviews with President Stevenson and got taught by our District leader Elder Tyson, the Assistants, and Sister Stevenson. I learned a lot about how to have more sincere prayers and what we can do to use our time more wisely. Wednesday we actually had mutual in our ward and it was so great. We watched 17 Miracles and had some little treats. On Friday Elder Day and I went to Cape Coast for our Trainer and New missionary meeting just making sure everything was going well in training and what things we both could improve on. It was really awesome. Elder Day is a strong guy haha. I have teased him that I am stronger than him and he punches me in the shoulder to prove his point, ( to make me stronger so he says.) So I have some bruises on my arms but it's all cool because I am trying to be stronger haha and I am getting tough.He's a cool guy and I am learning a lot from him. Oh and I got a hair cut this week due to Ghana being so hot. It's pretty short so I will try to send a picture next week.
Instruction during Interviews

Enjoying lunch

Winneba Zone

Saturday and Sunday were good and we got to meet with Acquah Family and got to eat Fufu. Haha I am not too good at eating it eat but I will get there. They had cow's knee with it or something and I tried some of the tendon, so that was interesting haha! They are a great family and are doing really well! Okay so the children here in Ghana are very interesting. You feel like a superstar. Every time they see you they yell Abruni! Abruni! They go up to you and touch you and are just fascinated by you, so it's pretty cool. The babies however are terrified of us, so it's a little sad when they start to cry, but if we go over to the house a lot the babies get used to us so that's great. 

Cow's knee and Fufu

For me this week has been hard, but I also have really learned a lot and grown so much. I love this quote from my dad,"What but the mountains tumble into the sea and all the earth be done away, yet I will not fear for God has not given me a spirit of fear but of power and of love, and of a sound mind." (Reference to 2 Timothy 1:7) I used to roll my eyes whenever he quoted that to me, but it really has helped me out so much this week. God has given us all a spirit of Power and Love not of fear and we just have to try and he will make up for the rest. As we go through life and have to go do things like going to college, getting married, moving out of the house, just know that the savior is right beside you and that he has given you a spirit of power and of a sound mind. We can do hard things, and I am so grateful for that. Anyways our investigators are doing well and we are hoping this week we can meet with more of them so I will keep you all updated. But I hope everything is well, and I hope that you all have a great rest of the week and really rely upon the savior. I love you all! Stay strong.


Elder Harward

New Missionary Training

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