Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hello Family and Friends!

How are you guys doing? How was your Fourth of July? :) I hope that you all got to see some fireworks and had some hot dogs and hamburgers or something. :) This week has been pretty great and the work is going well! On Tuesday we had our District Meeting and that was great! We talked about the Book of Mormon and put questions on the board on what investigators will ask us about the Book of Mormon and how we could respond through the scriptures and it was really insightful! I learned a lot and it was great to see the scriptures that we could use to help our investigators! I also had the opportunity to introduce myself and that was really cool!

So after District Meeting we went out to lunch at a Chop Bar (Little places around in Ghana were you can sit down and get food) and I was pretty nervous because I was going to try a local favorite dish called Fufu. So you actually eat Fufu with your hand, no silverware! Awesome right!? :) (Sorry Mom). You wash your hand and then you just dig into it (It looks like bread dough and put in a red sauce) and you swallow it. You’re not supposed to chew at all. Crazy right? I dug with my hand and I tried to chew it and it is not pleasant to chew it, but when you just swallow it, it pretty good. I couldn't finish it though because it was so big. The other Elders could eat it like it was nothing and that was crazy to me, but they said I would get used to it haha.

On Wednesday Elder Day and I went to Aboso with Elder Tyson and Elder Nwanta (other set of missionary's in our apartment) and we got to do a missionary activity!

So we spilt up our companionships and each elder went with one of the leaders from the Aboso branch and went tracting around the streets. The reason why they were doing this is because they are trying to increase the Aboso Branch so hopefully they will be become a ward someday and that would be awesome! I went out with brother Goman and a little young man named Michael and it was great! We talked to everyone we saw and we even got 10 or so names and numbers so the other elders could contact them! It was a great success! Funny story actually the second place we stopped at was this little sewing shop and we were talking to some ladies and this women was talking to me in Fanti and I was trying to understand her and she was pointing at me and her and I was like "Oh so you want to marry me?" haha I was right and she asked me Do you want to marry me? Of course she was joking but I said haha I can't because I am a missionary. She was a funny lady!

Thursday thru Saturday was slow but we were able to see some of our investigators and recent converts. One of them is named Paa Joe who I believe I mentioned. Anyway cool story so we were teaching him about the word of wisdom and the law of Chasity and we reviewed not having earrings and he forgot about that and during the lesson he actually took his earrings out. It was so incredible to me. I mean if you looked at this guy you probably wouldn't think he is interested in the gospel or would even accept it but he really has been the most receptive and has kept all of our commitments. He really has opened my eyes. We also saw sister Vida who is doing really well. She and Theolopus are great (Theoolopus is a member and they are together but are not married.) Marriage in Ghana is a little different than in the U.S. and they have a different custom of doing marriage, So we have to work with Paa Joe and Sister Vida on that and figure out everything haha but they are great!

Saturday we met with Adoja and her daughter and gave her a BOM so I hope she keeps progressing. She is very sweet. And we were able to meet with two recent converts Anglea and Jennifer. Angela is 8 years old and just recently got baptized and she is great. Jennifer is in her thirties I believe and she sells oranges and we always get some so that is great. Sunday was really peaceful and Sister Vida and Thelolpus came as well as Paa Joe along with another less active family that we have been teaching so it was really cool to see all of them! We have really been trying to work with our less active members because we have a good number of members in our ward but most are inactive for some reason and so we got a ward directory and we have been working on that.

I am really learning and growing here in Ghana. I think about you guys during some of my experiences. I am going to learn how to wash by hand tonight I think. Crazy right? When I am in the work it is easier to focus on the people and really get the work here progressing. We just need to always rely upon the savior and we will be okay. Thank you guys for being my rock and for always being there for me. I truly love you guys with all of my heart. Ghana really is great and the people are so nice and always great you very friendly and I absolutely love that. It's pretty poor but I mean these people make it buy and it's heartbreaking at times at how I can be so selfish and have all of this stuff when these people have so little but I know that the lord knows us all and that he is aware of our needs and concerns and these people have great faith and love. The work is really good here! :) I am learning so much and am really grateful that I get to serve with amongst these great people! Anyways I hope that everything is going well over there! I love you all. :) Stay Awesome!


Elder Harward

Traditional Ghanaian Chop Bar

Fufu! Yum!

Elder Harward with his trainer Elder Day 

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