Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Companion-Elder Jones

Hello Family and Friends! How are you all doing? :) I hope you are all had a great Christmas and have had fun playing in the snow. I LOVED talking with you and skyping on Christmas Day. 

Last week Elder Jones and I had an okay week. He is a great guy you know? He has a pretty serious girlfriend back home and I kind of make fun of him for it because he tells me he is not getting married till 2020, but I think it will be more like 2018 ha-ha!

So Monday came around and we had a zone activity at the Winneba Chapel. We played some games and ate some fried rice so that was a lot of fun! I am not good at playing football like the Ghanaians,  but it was fun!
On Tuesday Elder Jones and I had a slow day, but we did see Bianaca and met a group of guys and had a nice lesson with them and that was really nice!
Wednesday was another slow day, but Elder Jones and I did see a less active named Delove and pretty cool story actually, is that Delove is Theopolius' younger brother. Crazy right? Well he told us flat out that he knew he was less active due to boarding for S.H.S. but he promised that he would be better especially since he vacated from school and that was pretty nice.
Thursday rolled around and Elder Jones and I saw Martha and she is doing really and is just super sweet.
On Friday I got the opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Griffin! So he is Elder Wightman's companion and he came with me to my area and he is just 2 transfers behind me (so in Elder Montgomery's group) and it was a really slow day .Everything fell through, which was tough, but we did our best to talk to everyone we met and actually we saw this kid and he was playing football and we played with him and he was saying" give me money, my mother died,  my father died" and of course we could tell he was lying, but we did get some pictures together and I got to wear his hat for a second ha-ha! Elder Griffin is a cool guy who is 19 years old and he actually is going to SUU to become a doctor/Side career in Acting, so that's cool!

On Saturday our whole zone was in Winneba for Leadership training/ Carols Night... Okay so on  the way there though we took a tro as always  but we got through some bumpy parts because they don't  repave roads often, but we hit this bump and we got airborne for like a second or less and it was fun! Riding in Tros is like riding in Roller Coasters :) You never know what to expect. But eventually we got to the meeting and the Accra west missionaries are there and they make plans with the wards there and President Hill talks to them about their plans and he seems like he is going to do a lot of great things! That night we had Carols Night and the missionaries actually sung and that was fun! I also got some I am proud to be Mormon bracelets and I gave some to our recent converts  (I kept one for myself) but it was a fun night!

On Sunday it was a good day at church.  Paa Joe came to church \which was good! SO we will hope the best for him :) we saw Georgina and Elizabeth and talked about the Book of Mormon and it was really good, and we saw Isaac Ampnosh but he was drunk and we gave him the "We won't be coming back" type of deal but I hope the best for him and that he will follow Jesus Christ. We told him that when he come s to church then we will go and see him again. That night we saw Stella and we went over some commandments and that was really great!

That's all from this week! This week we had zone conference for Christmas (the zone is did a gift exchange in the morning and then we got to call home :))  So this week is going to be a good week, and hopefully I can serve these people and truly remember the Savior always. I hope you all have a happy holiday. 
Elder Harward

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